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Remember being huddled around watching Pele play football on a black and white tube in the 1950s? Of course, you don't! We are in the middle of mind bending technological advancements in television and there is nothing as cutting edge as the LG OLED TV.

One of the most common shared experiences with friends and family is to watch the television together. After watching breathtaking images on your LG OLED TV, you will find your friends coming by much more often. TV has come a long way since bulky, boxy, cathode ray tubes (CRT). Even plasma and LED-backlit LCD TVs (commonly known as LED TVs) are firmly in the rear-view mirror.

Do you remember watching shows or movies with incredible cinematography, and astonishing visuals, that don't look quite amazing on your TV? Remember seeing dark and light images on your screen and only making out muddy contrasts? A basic understanding of LED TVs and LG OLED TVs will open your eyes to a whole new category of TV. 


So what is the difference between LED TVs and LG OLED? The two main components of an LED TV are the panel and the backlight. LED backlights are placed behind the LCD (liquid crystal display) which then illuminates the screen to make the generated image visible.

That is why a bright image against a dark or black background, can look foggy due to the light bleeding through. Because there is a lighting element behind a panel and no local dimming, true black and infinite contrast would never be possible on such a TV.

However, the unbelievable technology of the LG OLED TV has made this breakthrough possible.

The LG OLED (organic light-emitting diode) is a fundamentally different technology. The panels of OLED simultaneously generate and illuminates the picture on its own. Millions of individual pixels can independently turn on and off without a panel to create infinite contrast that produces the perfect black. This, in turn, bolsters accurate and perfect colours that projects life-like images.

With access to such stunning picture quality, at home why deal with the hassle and costliness of going to a theatre? Want the outstanding cinematic experience of watching a blockbuster? Create a cinema in the comfort of your own living room with an LG OLED TV.


You think cinema is going too far? LG OLED TV delivers over a billion colours! Want to experience cinema like acclaimed filmmakers intended for you to see? The LG OLED TV’s unparalleled colour accuracy and contrast ratio will transport you into that world. If that wasn’t enough, Dolby Vision as well as HDR10 and HLG will further enhance the viewing experience. 

Once you experience all this on the LG OLED TV, watching any other TV will truly make you understand the word, ordinary. Watching anything else would just be a disappointment.

We are living in a world of countless content with limitless imaginations. It is no longer good enough to be merely watching a screen. Rather, the TV must now serve as a portal to a world that unfolds before your very eyes. Why wait or compromise till you can watch something on a movie screen?

You no longer have to, as the LG Signature OLED W7 can double as the most elegant piece of art hanging on your wall. Others with different tastes and budgets will find the LG OLED G7, E7, C7 and B7 TVs equally satisfying.

Watching beautiful images on TV is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. We live in a world where we are uplifted by TV in the best of times and consoled during the worst of times. We create memories and share experiences in front of the TV. Now is the time to experience LG OLED. TV like no other. 

Life's Good!