Various Movement of Display

LG Ergo Monitor boosts your productivity with the new generation of Ergo stand.

Heroes of LG Monitor Ergo

LG Monitor Ergo, Compatible with Your Posture

*DualUp monitor 28MQ780 being the winner of Red Dot: Best of the Best [2022].

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Influencers’ Stories

LG DualUp Ergo Monitor is

I want this thing, which is I don't even know.

Sara Dietschy - Tech, Lifestyle Creator

“Let's figure out this gear!!”

Justin Tse - Tech, Lifestyle Creator

“Modern workspace desk setup makeover!”

DailyTekk - Tech Reviewer

“Ergonomic display is ridiculously versatile”

Jazza - Artist, Animator

“Check out the LG Ergo Ultrafine Monitor”

SpawnPoiint - Tech Reviewer

“The perfect productivity monitor”

Unbox Therapy - Tech Reviewer

“The ultimate lockdown display”

Benefits of LG Monitor Ergo

The Ergo Dual Stand provides diverse modes.
The compact design takes up very little desk surface.
The re-designed C-Clamp & Grommet and One Click Mount contributes to easier installation.

Evolved Ergo Dual Stand

The Ergo Dual Stand provides diverse modes according to the user’s needs such as the side-by-side, pivot, center-portrait, and consulting mode.

Improved New Ergo Stand

The modern design stand helps users to fully utilize their desk space.

Easy Workstation Setup

The re-designed C-Clamp & Grommet and One Click Mount make it to install easily without other equipment.

Innovative Challenge of LG Ergo Monitor


New Format DualUp Monitor


New Innovation LG Ergo Dual


New LG Ergo Monitor


First LG Ergo Monitor


Loved by the Office Workers


More Space for Multi-Tasking

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Product Planning - Minsoo Cho

Journey for a Life-changing Product

Blending uniquely original ideas with hard-earned expertise to create exceptional products.

Designer - Eunbong Lee

How Design Transforms Our Lives

Our vow is to recognize people and how they live life most importantly when developing products that can live up to high user expectations and our impeccable reputation.

Developer - Ohkwan Kwon

The Story of the Second Generation Ergo

The entire development team came together after encountering collective challenges to devise an even better Ergo.