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UltraWide™ monitors offer more screen real estate for immersive working, streaming, or creating. With 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios, these wide panoramic screens are a multitaskers dream.

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LG UltraWide® monitors feature a stunning 21:9 aspect ratio – for a bigger view of all that you do. Created for truly immersive viewing, our widescreen monitors boast crystal-clear HD displays and a wide range of available features:

•  Thunderbolt™ 3: Single-cable Thunderbolt 3 connectivity gives you a simple setup for video/audio, plus data transfer and simultaneous laptop charging. It enables 40Gbps data and high-bandwidth video, including a 4K signal to two different LG monitors, or 5K/60fps to a single screen.

•  Dual Linkup: Connect up to two compatible portable devices to your IPS display, and view both on the same screen at the same time.

•  Screen Splitter: The best monitor for your home office is one that simplifies multitasking. When you choose an UltraWide monitor with our screen splitter feature, you can divide the screen into as many as four customizable segments with just one click.


LG UltraWide monitors are not only some of the best monitors for work and productivity, but with HDR10 technology, Thunderbolt 3 connections, and wide 21:9 aspect ratios, they can improve all that you do. Explore all of our innovative monitors including, 4K, IPS, gaming, LED and more, and find the right solution for your space.

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Eligible Models: 14T90R-K.AAB6U1, 14T90R-K.AAB8U1, 14T90R-K.ADB9U1, 16T90R-K.ADS9U1, 14Z90RS- K.AAW7U1, 14Z90R-K.ADB9U1, 14Z90R-K.ARW5U1, 15Z90R-P.AAB7U1, 15Z90R-P.ADS9U1, 16Z90R- K.AAB7U1, 16Z90R-A.ADB9U1,17Z90R-A.AAB7U1, 17Z90R-A.ADB9U1, 17Z90R-K.AAB8U1, 16MR70.ASDU1, MSA2.BBRU1, UHG7.ABUU, 24GQ50F-B, 27GN65S-B, 27GR75Q-B, 27GN950-B, 2GQ950-B, 32GQ750-B, 48GQ900-B, 49WQ95C-W, 49GR85DC-B, 27GR93U-B, 32GR93U-B, 27GR83Q-B, 35WN75CN-B, 32UN650-W, 32SQ730S-W, 24MK430H-B, 27MK400H-B, 27LQ615S-PU, UGP90HB-B, 28MQ780-B, 28MQ750-C, HF65LA, HF85LA, HU70LAB, HU810PW, HU85LA, HU915QE, PF510Q, PU700R, OLED77Z2PUA, OLED97G2PUA, OLED97M3PUA, OLED83M3PUA, OLED77M3PUA, OLED83G3PUA, OLED77G3PUA, OLED65G3PUA, OLED55G3PUA, OLED83C3PUA, OLED77C3PUA, OLED65C3PUA, OLED55C3PUA, OLED48C3PUA, OLED42C3PUA, OLED77B3PUA, OLED65B3PUA, OLED55B3PUA, 86QNED85UQA, 75QNED85UQA, 65QNED85UQA, 55QNED85UQA, 86QNED80URA, 75QNED80URA, 65QNED80URA, 55QNED80URA, 50QNED80URA, 75QNED75URA, 65QNED75URA, 55QNED75URA, 50QNED75URA, 43QNED75URA, 75UR9000PUA, 65UR9000PUA, 55UR9000PUA, 50UR9000PUA, 43UR9000PUA, 86UQ7590PUD, 75UQ7590PUB, 70UQ7590PUB, 65UQ7570PUJ, 55UQ7570PUJ, 50UQ7570PUJ, 43UQ7590PUB, 55LX1QPUA, 48LX1QPUA, 42LX3QPUA, 27LX5QKNA, 27ART10AKPL, 55UQ7050ZUD, LHB675N, S95QR, SC9S, GX, S90QY, S80QR, S80QY, S75Q, SE6S, S65Q, S40Q, SP2, SK1, SH2, SPQ8-S, XL7S, XL5S, RNC9, RNC5, XO3QBK, XG9QBK, XG7QBK, XG5QBK, CK99, CK57, CJ45, CM4590, TONE-T90Q, TONE-TF8Q, TONE-FP9-Black, TONE-TF8Q, TONE-T90Q, TONE-FP5-Black

Images may be simulated and dramatized for illustrative purposes. Actual features, functionality, and other product specifications may differ and are subject to change without notice. Prices, promotions, and availability may vary by model, store, and online. Prices subject to change without notice. Quantities are limited. Check with your local retailers for their final price and availability.

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