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Gas ranges from LG help make cooking
simple and fun thanks to features such as convection systems and fast preheating.

Gas Ranges

Take your cooking to the next level. With advanced features, like UltraHeat™ burners and infrared grills, LG gas ranges are the secret ingredient for making delicious dishes. Learn More

Explore the options and features available on select LG gas ranges:

UltraHeat™ 19,000 BTU Burner: The most powerful burner in its class, UltraHeat™ burners give you all the power you need for high-heat cooking, like searing and stir-frying.

Sealed Burners: Many gas ranges from LG have five high-performance sealed burners to make cooking – and cleanup – a breeze.

Infrared Grill Ranges: Using the same technology as outdoor grills, LG infrared grill ranges gets your oven to broil temperature more quickly and cuts over 20% off your cooking time on common items, like hamburgers and chicken breasts, resulting in juicier meats than traditional thermal cooking provides.

SuperBoil™ Burner: Gas ranges with SuperBoil™, use 17,000 BTUs to bring water to a boil quickly.

Double or single oven: LG gas ranges are available with single and double ovens.

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