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Charge your iPhone & Android Smartphone at the same time.



LG iPod docks come with the latest home theatre technology, including state-of-the-art surround sound and Bluetooth® connectivity. Learn More

Find docking stations that let you dance to your own tune. With LG iPod docks, you’ll enjoy a wide range of innovative features, such as:

Clock, Alarm & Sleep Modes: By combining your iPod dock with your alarm clock, you can reduce the clutter and enjoy greater functionality.

Made for iPod: Because our iPod docking stations are designed specifically for iPod users, you can connect, control and play tunes seamlessly. All you’ll need to do to rock out is plug in.

iPod Direct Dock Playback & Recharge: Listen to the full collection of music through LG's powerful speakers while recharging your iPod®. Use the docking station’s remote control to shuffle through your music library and quickly find your music.

AM/FM Radio Tuner: Get flexible listening options with your iPod dock. By choosing one that allows you to listen to the radio, as well as your iPod, you can reduce the need for multiple devices and listen to what you want, when you want.

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