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LG’s Convection Technology means your LG microwave can serve as a second oven. Life's good when you have more options!


Over the Range Microwaves

As functional artwork, LG over-the-range microwaves add style and sophistication to your kitchen. And with an assortment of features, like one-touch settings, Sensor Cooking technology and our state-of-the-art warming lamps, our built-in microwaves make cooking your favourite dishes quick and easy. Learn More

Explore some of the amazing features found on LG over-the-range microwaves:

Child Lockout: Enables you to lock the keypad to prevent your over range microwave from being accidentally started.

Convection Technology: Available on select built-in microwaves, our convection technology allows you to cook food faster, more evenly, and at a lower temperature.

Extenda™ Vent: LG’s Extenda™ Vent covers the entire cooking surface below, including the front and back burners for better, more complete ventilation in your kitchen.

One-touch Settings: Our over-the-range microwaves make it easy to cook and warm food – from pizza to coffee – with the touch of a button.

Sensor Cooking: Humidity-sensing technology senses when food is cooked and will automatically turn off your built-in microwave to prevent over-cooking.

Warming Lamp: This first-of-its-kind technology, select LG over-the-range microwaves boast a radiant heating element to keep food warm, so you can enjoy a hot meal on your schedule.

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