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Smart TVs

With easy access to limitless entertainment – from movies, TV, games, videos and TV apps – LG’s Internet ready, Smart TVs make entertaining the family and friends easier than ever before. With Intel WiDi technology all new LG Smart TVs can wirelessly connect your Intel WiDi compatible laptop to your Smart TV to enjoy the full PC experience right on the big screen without any wires! Learn More

Explore some of the features available on select LG Smart TVs:

Streaming Video: With an LG Smart TV, you can enjoy streaming video from YouTube and a variety of other free and paid subscription services.
Social Networking: Send a tweet, update your status, or edit your profile, our Internet TVs let you easily connect to family and friends on your favorite social networks.

TV Apps: Just like a smart phone, with a Smart TV from LG, you can use a variety of TV apps that let you check the weather, check the scores, or even play games right from your television. From news to entertainment, LG Smart TVs offer apps the whole family can enjoy.

Magic Motion Remote: The Magic Motion Remote helps you make selections with the wave of the wand and click of the button.

Customizable Dashboard: Find your favorite entertainment in an instant. It’s easy to customize your Smart TV Home Dashboard so it has the live TV, streaming video and custom TV apps you want front-and-center.

Smart Share: LG Internet TVs easily connect to your wireless network, and with LG’s Smart Share, you can stream photos and video from computers and other devices on your network.

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