Now It’s All Possible!

Now It’s All Possible!

Choose from the most innovative range of
LG TVs and avail exclusive offers along with exciting HTS combos.
When it’s all possible, life’s good.

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Nothing will be as revolutionary as the invention of TV except for the World's First CURVED OLED TV.

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4K (3840x2160p) resolution that is 4 times better than Full HD. Combine this with IPS panel, NANO Full LED , 4.1 Channel Sliding Speaker System and In-Built HEVC Decoder to directly play Ultra HD content, you have the most realistic viewing experience ever. Only the Best Create the First.

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LG 84 4K Ultra HD TV

Enjoy details above clarity and experience scale beyond reality with the World’s 1st 84 4K Ultra HD TV. LG has truly raised the bar of innovation With 8.3 million pixels leading to a resolution (3840 x 2160) that’s Four times better than Full HD.

Enjoy Smart Experience

Enjoy Smart Experience

LG Smart TV user interface is specially designed to Make controlling your Home Entertainment very simple. Simply point, Click, drag and flick to control Everything; Including your TV programs, favorite Application, premium content and media devices.

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Enjoy Smart in 3D

Enjoy Smart in 3D

Experience the next generation of 3D
Technology that is all set to redefine
your cinematic experience. Enjoy comfortable
3D viewing with certified flicker-free,
blur-free 3D technology and lighter,
battery free glasses.

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Designed for Indian weather conditions, it delivers exceptional picture quality and sound. Packed with features like Robust IPS Panel, USB Connectivity, Lightening Protection, Summer & Humid Protection, It also saves power up to 60%.


Enjoy Innovation

With LG’s Innovative Transform TV, you can
easily convert TV stand to rack. It’s convenient, space saving and unique innovation based on design. It immensely enhances the utility serving the Indian consumer’s requirement.

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Presenting LG LED TV with advanced features to change your TV viewing experience forever. Designed for Indian weather conditions, it delivers exceptional picture quality and sound. Packed with features like Robust IPS Panel, USB Connectivity, Lightening Protection, Summer Heat Protection & Humid Protection, it also saves power upto 60% Learn More

IPS Panel:The secret behind LG TV’s life-like color and wide viewing angle is the panel. Just as the quality of the beans
determines the quality of the coffee, the quality of the panel determines the quality of the TV. The IPS Panel
used by LG is the reason why LG LED TVs have clearer, more consistent, and sturdy screens.

Life-like Color :IPS offers a color impression that is most identical to that of the original image. The colors are truly closest to nature and most comfortable for the eyes.
Wide Viewing Angle : Among LCD panels, it is visibly clear that IPS shows the most consistent color and contrast from all angles. Free from color wash and contrast loss, it is the ideal panel for all purposes.

Blur-free Clarity :IPS is decidedly superior to the competing panels in the clarity of its pictures during fast motion display, allowing blur-free, crystal-clear pictures.

Stable Screen : IPS panels are stable and sturdy, and resistant to damage, as opposed to weak competing panels; just try a simple knock or poke at the screens to see for yourself.

All Round Protection:LG TVs are equipped with All round protection with a Robust IPS Panel, Lightening Protection, Summer Heat Protection, Humidity Protection & Works without Stabilzer.
Robust IPS Panels (In Select models): LG TVs come with IPS Panel that is known for its Robust and Sturdy design. These panels are more resistant to high temperature and pressure as compare to conventional VA panels.

Works without stabilizer: LG TVs Can safely operate in wide range power supply conditions (100~240V AC, 50~60Hz).

Lightening Protection: LG TVs come equipped with 500V Cap, Fuse, Varistor, Thermistor and Isolator for protection against unexpected lightening surge.
Summer Heat & Humidity Protection
LG TV are designed and tested thoroughly to safely operate in Indian Tropical conditions

Smart Energy Saving: The Smart Energy Saving feature helps users to be a little greener by limiting power consumption. The feature includes backlight control for adjusting brightness, a screen-off function that turns the picture off for playing audio-only, and the Standby Mode Zero function which allows the TV to effectively hibernate, using zero electricity.

MCI 100: Motion Clarity Index, the maximum number of response signals per second, is a comprehensive indicator of the genuine clarity of fast motion display, incorporating factors beyond mere frame rates. LG’s detailed backlight scanning, advanced panel technology and powerful engine all add to a superb performance in reducing blur in fast-moving pictures.

USB Movie: Simply connect your USB or external hard drive to the USB port to play its contents on your TV screen.

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