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Go Between Lives With a Push

Presenting the New LG Optimus L5 Dual(E615)


  • Premium L-Style Design
  • 10.2 cm (4) HVGA TFT display
  • Dual SIM Dual Standby
  • 5MP Camera with LED Flash



Be Clever Connect

Be Clever Connect

1. Quick Switch Dual SIM Hot Key
Switch back and forth between private and professional lifes is now as easy as pushing a button, Bring balance to both your lives with the quick and easy DUAL SIM Hot Key.
2. Personalized Quick memo
Simple capture the image you want and add a personal note to make it unique. You can also share your personalized notes with a direct URL attached for easy finding.

Be Truly Stylish

Be Truly Stylish

1. Sleek Square Style
Find style satisfaction in a design that has both exquisite lines and comfortable grip.
2. Harmonized Design Contrast
Discover the prefect co-existence of cool metallic accents and a soft casing that deliver the prefect human touch to complete your look.
3. Sophisticated & Seamless Layout
marvel at its neat and flawless key arrangement that helps maintain its minimalist sophistication.

Be Constantly Captivated

Be Constantly Captivated

1.10.2 cm (4) Comfortable Viewing Experience
Start seeing more of everything you love with the 10.2 cm (4) expensive view. The enlarged screen gives your eyes plenty of room to roam for viewing that's comfortable and readability that's superb
2. Optimal on the Go viewing
The 10.2 cm (4) screen provide a large target for more accurate typing on the move. it's optimally sized for one-handed typing while remains compact enough to slide in to your pocket

Be powerfully Efficient

Be powerfully Efficient

1. Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich
Bring some added pep to everything you do with Android’s latest OS innovation, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. You’ll enjoy advanced multitasking, customizable home screens and deeper interactivity
Long Lasting 1500mAh Battery

LG Mobile TV

Get round the clock access to your favorite television programs streaming live on your LG optimus L5 Dual.

Quick Memo

Capture and scribble on photos. Create your own message.


The LG SmartWorld is an application store where you can download various applications for your LG mobile phone. You can access the LG SmartWorld App and its PC website to use the this service.The services and availability may change depending on device and time.

Snap & Share 5MP Camera

Capture memories as they're being made as you now have a quality 5MP camera with you at all times. Moreover, share your best shots instantly on today's most popular social networking sites.

Design, feature and specifications mentioned on website are subject to change without notice. It is recommended to experience the product in actual at LG store nearby your location and take demo of product & its features from LG representative.

"Bring Dual Lifes in to Balance
The answer is you've been waiting for to bring balance and style In both your professional and personal lives has arrived. Discover convenience that's like having two phones in one with a single push SIM switching Hotkey. Better yet enjoy greater viewing pleasure on the spacious 10.2 cm (4) Display and richer interactivity with Ice Cream Sandwich OS. LG Optimus L5 Dual, Where endless possibilities begin"

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