• L is for a Legacy Leading Design & UX
  • True Color of Nature -8.1cm (3.2) IPS Display
  • Long Lasting, More Efficient-15,40mAH Battery
  • Thoughts Bigger, Vision wider-LG unique UX




Seamless Layout

The rounded contours and clean lines are more than just easy on the eyes as they come together to create a form that fits nicely in your palm and is a dream to hold.

Radiant Rear Design

Get noticed with a rear design that gleams brilliantly as it grabs attention with its shimmering textured finish.

Laser Cut Contour

Discover aesthetics you don’t know could exist on a phone with the laser-etched detailing that makes it look even slimmer than it actually is.

Quick Switch Dual SIM Hot Key

Find balance with a quick switch between SIM 1 and SIM 2 using the dedicated hot key. Now switching between two lives is as easy as pushing a button.

8.1cm (3.2) True Color IPS Display

Surprise your eyes with colors so real you won’t be able to tell where the screen ends and reality begins. Now all your pictures, videos and more will pop with true-to-life colors and surprising detail.

1,540mAh Large Capacity Battery

You live a busy mobile life, so you need greater battery capacity to get you through the day. LG Optimus L3II’s 1,540mAh LI-ION goes the distance and keeps you charged through all your daily tasks.

Advanced QuickMemo

Simply capture what you want and scribble a note on it with QuickMemo. You can also make calls or browse the web while simultaneously having your hand written messages open in the background. Now, you no longer need to memorize difficult numbers and notes.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

LG OPTIMUS L3II DUAL is power in your pocket. The phone is a dual SIM device, with 1 Ghz processor, Wi-fi and network tethering features and it comes with Android Jellybean 4.1 out of the box.

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