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Feel the style, feel the convenience

Feel the style, feel the

LG’s new 3 Door refrigerator comes with a separate Veg Box which doesn’t require you to open the main refrigerator door each time & maintains the freshness of veggies by preventing any odor rub off from other items in the refrigerator.

With a smart choice, it’s all possible!


Multi Door Refrigerators

Multi Door Refrigerators Learn More

"Relish the technological advances with multi door fridges from LG. Smart feature in the machine include environment conscious alarms that alert the user when the door is left open. Flexibility to switch off sections that are not in use thus saving more energy.

Spacious compartments all separately made to accommodate the largest pint of cold drink and the smallest packet of condiment and everything in between. A unique section just below the refrigerated section, which can be used as a refrigerator as well as freezer whenever require.

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