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ENJOY the Moment… Forever!!

ENJOY the Moment…

Print Smartly , Enjoy Instantly


Pocket Photo Printer

Get true portability with the LG Pocket Printer. Whether you use it for work or play – or a little of each – our cutting-edge pocket photo printer gives you crystal-clear images, rich colours and infinite detail – just like our full-sized printers, but in a handy mobile package. Learn More

Discover just a few of the features that make the LG Pocket Printer a must-have device:

Cord-free Connections. Because our mini printer uses a wireless connection to receive files, you can print from your laptop or smartphone without messy cables or cumbersome cords.

Print Instantly, Anywhere. Compact and easy to take with you, the Pocket Printer lets you snap photos and print them on the spot.

Fast On-the-Fly Editing. The LG Pocket Printer’s photo editing app lets you make quick adjustments to photos on your smartphone or laptop before printing your picture.

E-Cards Functionality. Each mini printer comes with an app that makes creating your own e-cards simple. With customisable photo frames and decorative options, you can quickly and easily create and print your own cards and invitations, or send them electronically.

Custom QR Codes. This unique feature lets you insert dates, venues and memos into your photos with a QR code, which friends and family can scan for more information.

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