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Reciprocating Compressor for Refrigeration: LBP Type

Reciprocating Compressor
for Refrigeration:
LBP Type

Cooling solution for Refrigerators &
Commercial Appliances


Refrigerator Compressors

Take your business to the next level with high-quality refrigerator compressors. Browse all of our innovative products and find an LG refrigerator compressor that fits your needs. Learn More

LG offers a refrigerator compressor that’s the perfect cooling solution for refrigerators and commercial appliances. Features include:

M-series reciprocating LBP compressor for refrigerators that provides a complete cooling solution for domestic and commercial refrigeration appliances.

Compact Size, silent operation, low voltage start ability (LVS) are just a few of our refrigerator compressor’s prominent features.

M-Series refrigerator compressor caters to 6σ quality assurance and has globally proven reliability.

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