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The Practical design and excellent quality of LG Accessories further enhances convenience and safe installation of Security cameras.


Upgrade your CCTV system with the latest security camera accessories. With lenses that are designed to capture images in a wide range of conditions, you can keep an eye on your business – even while you’re away. Learn More

Just a few of the CCTV camera accessories available from LG include:

Camera Lenses: LG’s DC, IR, and Manual Iris lenses are available for a wide range of CCTV fixed cameras, making it easy to change out your lenses and use a variety of security camera accessories in different areas of your office, restaurant, business complex or shop.

LG brackets: Featuring a practical, rugged, and easy-to-install design, these high-quality CCTV camera accessories allow you to mount cameras securely – and in a wide range of settings.

PTZ & DVR Controllers: These innovative security camera accessories, which are compatible with LG’s DVR, PTZ domes and Zoom cameras, feature a user-friendly graphic interface, more than 120 preset positions, 8 privacy zone masking options, an ergonomic design and easy firmware upgrades. For added convenience, up to 16 controllers can be connected.

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