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LG Signage Products

LG Signage Products

LG Digital Signage is specially designed for maximizing display utilization that creates greatest impact and practical convenience.

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Signage Solutions

Make a lasting impression with digital signage solutions from LG. Whether you’re using your own content, airing a video, showing live TV, displaying a menu or directions, with our innovative signage, you can make a statement without saying a word. Learn More

Discover just a few of the features that make LG’s digital signage a multi-functional option for customer communication:

Deep, Vibrant Colors: Our award-winning plasma, LCD and LED signage allows you to share images, videos and written messages in a colorful, easy-to-see format. Designed to display rich hues of every shade, digital signage is easily seen from great distances.

Wide Range of Sizes: Our signage solutions are available in a range of sizes, including options that can easily be seen in arenas, transportation hubs, hotel lobbies, cafes and more.

Expert Service: When you choose LG digital signage, you’ll also enjoy access to a full team of LG experts who understand what makes each industry unique – and how our products can best serve your needs.

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