ENJOY The Smart Experience

Full HD Smart LED LCD TV


  • Magic Motion Remote Control (Optional) (With Voice Recognition)
  • SmartShareTM (NFC Tag ON, MiracastTM, MHL, 2nd Display)
  • Time Machine II
  • Wi-Fi Built IN




Magic Remote(Optional)icon

Ready to use the most convenient and advanced TV remote with Pointing, Wheel, Gesture, and Voice.

Time Machine IIicon


WiFi Alliance certified Miracast™ allows you to enjoy easy and fast connection among TV, Smart phones, and Tablets without wires, enabling easy transfer and sharing of your digital contents right on the TV screen.

MHL (Mobile HD Link)icon

Connect and watch HD content from your phone on the TV’s large screen with your MHL cable and control it with the TV's Magic Remote. The phone is also charged while it is connected.

Tag Onicon

Sharing between your mobile device and your television has never been simpler with Tag On, a feature that allows mutual content sharing and mirroring by simply "tagging" the smartphone to an NFC sticker provided with the TV.

MCI 100icon

Motion Clarity Index, the maximum number of response signals per second, is a comprehensive indicator of the genuine clarity of fast motion display, incorporating factors beyond mere frame rates. LG’s detailed backlight scanning, advanced panel technology and powerful engine all add to a superb performance in reducing blur in fast-moving pictures.

Triple XD Engineicon

Enjoy sheer perfection of Color, Contrast, and Clarity with the all-powerful Triple XD Engine. LG's latest and most advanced Triple XD Engine brings the highest level of excellence in Color, Contrast, and Clarity for the best picture quality and performance.

Resolution Upscaler

Viewers can enjoy any content in high-resolution.Very often is the case that external content from the net or devices look bad on TV due to low resolution of the files.LG provides a solution with Resolution Upscaler, which magically improves the resolution of original content and makes them look good on the big screen as well.


Browse and share files from external devices wirelessly on your large TV screen or watch TV on another smart device with LG Smart TV’s Smart Share. LG introduces a true Smart TV that connects to other devices more easily than ever. Enjoy any content without constraint.

2nd Displayicon

Using 2nd Display, you can watch TV programs or blu-ray titles with your smart phone or tablet PC from anywhere within the range of Wi-Fi.

Intel's WiDiicon

Intel’s WiDi (Wireless Display) technology enables easy and fast connection between LG TVs and laptop PCs without requiring a network or messy cables.

Premium Contenticon

The best selection of enjoyable content provided for you to access with ease.
The Premium Content card selects and categorizes the most popular and useful content in your country, provided via partnership with the best content providers. Enjoy the best entertainment whenever you want.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

LG Smart TV Providing easy access to limitless entertainment and fully smart capabilities with its unique 4 model Magic Motion Remote with voice recognition & other features like NFC Tag ON, MHL, MiracastTM , 2nd Display and so on…

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