World’s First 84 ULTRA HDTV

84 Ultra High Definition Cinema 3D Smart TV, Built in WI-Fi


  • Ultra High Definition (3840 x2160)
  • Dual Core
  • Cinema 3D Smart TV
  • Wi-Fi Built IN




Ultra HD 3840 x 2160icon

LG 84(213 cms) Ultra HD 3D TV presents a whole new level of picture quality, boasting a resolution four times higher than Full HD. Naturally, it is incredibly vivid and crisp, even when viewed from close distances. LG Ultra HD 3D TV will thoroughly satisfy the viewer with flawless detail, lifting the standard of visual display yet higher.

84 Gigantic Screenicon

LG always delivers amazing picture quality, even on an ultra large 84(213 cms) screen. The sheer size of the display, which is equal to four 42(107 cms) TVs, will give you a breathtaking viewing experience. The scale of motion pictures will be so stunning, you will feel that you are in the scene.

2.2 Speakers Systemicon

Rich sound completes the viewing experience.

Enjoy a richness of sound that no other TV can provide. With 50W audio bursting from the 2.2 Speaker System, LG ULTRA HD TV boasts two woofers, delivering incredible depth and liveliness to your ears as the screen brings to your eyes. Now, you can take the booming exhilaration of the movies home with you.

Comfortable 3D Glassesicon

Enjoy 3D wearing the most comfortable 3D glasses.
CINEMA 3D glasses are light, flicker-free, battery-free, hassle-free and economical, allowing for greater viewing comfort and convenience.

3D Depth Controlicon

Customize your 3D entertainment with 3D Depth Control.Watch 3D in either more comfort or more thrill—it’s your choice. With 3D Depth Control, you can control the level of 3D effect to watch the way you want it.

3D Sound Zoomingicon

Don’t just watch 3D, hear in 3D.
The complete 3D TV is here with 3D sound that is fully synced with the 3D images on-screen. 3D Sound Zooming makes your 3D experience even more immersive than ever.

3D Worldicon

Endlessly expanding 3D VOD via 3D world.Meet a wider and over-expanding 3D world of entertainment.LG's 3D World card provides you with endlessly expanding content, including 3D videos on sports, cultures, documentaries, kids, lifestyle and movie clips.

2D to 3D Conversionicon

Don’t worry about lack of content anymore—convert 2D to 3D!
LG’s upgraded conversion technology is the most advanced, with superior depth effect and smoothness.

Dual Playicon

LG’s Dual Play function takes gaming with your friends to a new level of excitement.

Whereas conventional TVs relied on a split screen or separate sets for multi-player games, LG TVs with Dual Play function transmit two separate 2D images that can be seen through two different sets of polarized glasses. So when two players wear the glasses while playing games, they will each see a different image covering the entire screen.

Magic Remoteicon

Point & Click, Drag & Drop : Mouse like remote. Just point, click, and drop anywhere you want on your LG TV screen.

Page Scroll with Wheel : Intuitive control with mouselike remote. Scroll up and down the web browser just like a mouse for easy use. Wheel allows you to switch between different TV channels easier than ever.

Simple Command with Gesture : Make a simple gesture for complex commands and save time.

Search with Voice : Instead of typing just use voice input. Universal search, text on SNS and internet search with your voice.

Premium Contenticon

The best selection of enjoyable content provided for you to access with ease.
The Premium Content card selects and categorizes the most popular and useful content in your country, provided via partnership with the best content providers. Enjoy the best entertainment whenever you want.

Home Dashboardicon

The simplest, easiest, and most customizable user interface.LG Smart TV’s all-new Home Dashboard comes with an improved design and look, more simplicity, and more room for customization.

Play Video

Smart Share™icon

Share content across multiple devices wirelessly.

Browse and share files in your external storage devices on your large TV screen or watch TV on another smart device with LG Smart TV’s Smart Share™. LG introduces a true Smart TV that connects to other devices more easily than ever. Enjoy any content without constraint.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

The 213 cms LG Ultra HD 3D TV will bring the cinema experience straight into your home. This magnificent screen attains new levels of picture quality and of sound. Prepare yourself for complete entertainment as 3D at home will really be like 3D at the cinema, both in quality and scale.

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