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Where function meets design

Where function meets design

Whatever climate you live in LG will deliver the comfort you need.

Air Conditioning

When Mother Nature turns up the heat, you can stay cool with an air conditioner from LG. Featuring ultra-responsive controls, our air conditioning units make it easy to create a comfortable space that everyone can enjoy. Learn More

Learn more about the innovative LG air conditioning systems available:

Inverter Split Systems: This unique system allows you to heat or cool one room or one area of your home. Consisting of an indoor, wall-mounted unit that is connected to an outdoor unit, these air conditioners feature powerful air throw and louver control for ultra-fast heating or cooling. In addition, many units feature ARTCOOL changeable panels, which allow you to change the colour of your air conditioning unit to match your room’s décor.

Window Wall Air Conditioners: Installed in windows or walls, these air conditioners offer powerful performance and 4-way air deflection and auto swing, which allow you to direct airflow to every corner of the room. In addition, their slide-out chassis eliminate the need to remove the unit from your wall or window when servicing it.

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