Imagination Begins

Imagination Begins

LG Optimus G Pro

  • Wide & well-fit design
  • Full HD experience
  • Inspiring user experience
  • Other attractions (accessories)


Wide & Well-Fit Design

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When Optimus G Pro was envisioned, every little detail was carefully selected in order to produce a sleek and refined device that truly defines a thoughtful design. With pocketable portability in mind, it features an expansive screen with a comfortable one-hand, bold patterned appearance, and lightweight body the perfect blend of tablet efficiency with smartphone convenience.


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Full HD Experience

5.5” Full HD IPS Display

Optimus G Pro’s 5.5" Full HD IPS Display with 16:9 cinema-like viewing and 400 ppi provides superior graphics, accurate colors, sharp text, and dazzling images, delivering an overall extraordinary experience without oversaturation or eyestrain.

13 MP Full HD Camera And 2.1 MP Full HD Front-Facing Camera

Capture amazing and vibrant pictures through Optimus G Pro’s 13 MP Full HD rear-facing camera, producing such detailed and sharp imagery, that clarity is retained even when zoomed in. In addition, the front-facing 2.1 MP Full HD camera is perfect for video chats or self-portraits with imaging features that create memorable moments and ensure a great shot no matter what you’re looking at.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Processor With 1.7ghz Quad-Core CPU

Experience all Optimus G Pro has to offer with the amped-up power of a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Processor with 1.7GHZ Quad-Core CPU that lends outstanding performance for process-intensive apps or games, fast web browsing, and seamless connectivity all without sacrificing battery life. The four cores offer an overall CPU performance that manage and run multiple apps smoother while providing more efficient cross-tasking.

Inspiring User Experience

VR Panorama

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Capture the ‘big picture’ both tall and wide with Optimus G Pro. VR Panorama takes shots of entire horizontal and vertical environments and creates 360° views by automatically stitching together individual images into an all-encompassing full HD virtual experience. VR Panorama does all the work; simply access the application, choose a starting point and move the Optimus G Pro around the entire space, matching the picture up with the dictated boxes the phone provides on-screen. The feature will automatically stitch together the individual images into an all-encompassing virtual experience.

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Dual Recording And Dual Camera

Be part of the shot while capturing life’s most exciting moments with the picture-in-picture technology of Dual Recording and Dual Camera. By activating both the front and rear cameras, you can record or capture both the subject matter and the user, simultaneously.

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Pause & Resume Recording

Capture precisely what you want, when you want it. Pause and Resume Recording allows you to stop and start while recording a video, pausing for unwanted footage and playing again to continue recording stitching together the footage seamlessly for one continuous video.

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Tracking Focus

Don’t lose sight of what’s important! Tracking focus allows you to properly focus and position the camera’s lens to capture a specific, targeted subject. It allows you to take clear, sharp, focused photos without blurring as moving objects pass through the scene.

Smart Video

Never miss a single moment! When you are watching video content on your Optimus G Pro, Smart Video monitors the position of your eyes and automatically pauses playback if it detects you have looked away from the screen. Once your focus returns to the display, the video will resume from where you left off.


Embedded Infrared (IR) Technology will turn your smartphone into a universal remote control, able to operate many different home entertainment systems such as the TV, cable set-top-box, audio system, DVD or Blu-ray player, projector, or air conditioner. And with its new and improved version, QRemote, you can use the keyboard on your phone to control the cursor on your big screen.

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QSlide takes multitasking to a whole new level with this advanced feature you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Float an app with full controllability by adjusting the window size and transparency. Plus, for quick access to the most used apps, select widgets from the pull down notification bar.

Smart Share

SmartShare is the most helpful and useful feature when you want to experience a moment in the setting and through the medium of your choice. It allows multiple files such as images, music, videos, and documents to be shared or streamed wirelessly to other devices that are DLNA certified.

Other Attractions (Accessories)

Wireless Charging Pad & Quadbeat Earphone

With a Quad Beat earphone, you can enjoy clear sound close to original, and with the Wireless Charging Pad you can enjoy easy, hassle-free charging.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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