LG Chromebase

LG Chromebase 22CV241


  • Brilliant 21.5" 1920x1080 Full HD IPS display
  • Advanced Tech-Styling of Design Award Winner
  • Intel® Celeron® Processor
  • Powered by Chrome OS


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Brilliant 21.5" 1920x1080 Full HD IPS display

The 21.5-inch wide Full HD IPS display will give you a richer viewing pleasure. Our new monitor features a wide screen. With 178 degree viewing angle, you can enjoy a clear view from any angle. Plus, a built-in 5W x 2 stereo speakers will take you to a whole new level of powerful and vivid surround that gives life to any web contents immediately.

Advanced Tech-Styling of Design Award Winner

The new LG Chromebase offers excellent capacity, compacted in an all-in-one design. Having keyboard, speaker, mouse, monitor, and webcam, this compact appliance completes a simple interior design and satisfies tech-fashionistas. Proving all this amazing tech-styling, LG Chromebase has become the winner of the 2014 Red Dot Award in Product Design section. Also, the LG Chromebase can be used as a monitor by connecting it to other laptops through the HDMI port.

Intel® Celeron® Processor

An All-in-One PC with the improved Intel® Celeron® processor unites all of your desktop computing and media capabilities into one clutter-free design. Enjoy impressive PC performance that lets you communicate with friends and family, enjoy entertainment, and get your work done. Get the Intel level performance you’ve come to expect and quality you can count on with an Intel® Celeron® processor.

Powered by Chrome OS

Maximize the user experience with Chrome OS.
Your favourite Google products come built-in, apps like Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts, and Docs. You can even find more useful apps in the Chrome Web Store. And to help you store your stuff and get the best of Google, you’ll get 100GB free for 2 years and 2-months of Google Play Music All Access free with your purchase (a nearly £20 value).

Boots in seconds

The LG Chromebase boots exceptionally fast, taking only seconds. The speed performance can be well maintained even for long-term usage. In contrast, the boot speed of HDD-based computers slows down progressively.

Thousands of apps

You can find various apps on the Chrome Web Store, which offers hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps.

Automatically updates itself

"You don’t have to click “remind me later” to update your windows, or to install vaccine programs that takes 30 minutes for a regular check-up. LG Chromebase updates itself, for free. So you always have the latest OS version. No need for manual downloads and upgrades.

Virus protection built-in

Virus protection, multiple layers of security, and verified boot will keep you safe from viruses, malware and the other computer nasties.

Reader mode

Virus protection, multiple layers of security, and verified boot will keep you safe from viruses, malware and the other computer nasties.

Flicker safe

With advanced Flicker Safe, protect your eyes from exhausting flickers and blue lights. This new system is always on for the best eye condition, reducing the flicker level to almost-zero. Stay in front of this remarkably smart screen as long as you need in any working situations and entertainment times like gaming or watching movies without burdening eyes.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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