Stretch Your Display Possibilities

38" Stretched Display


  • HD-Ready 1080p
  • 16:4 Wide Aspect Ratio
  • Auto Scaling Driver


HD-Ready 1080p

LG's HD Ready, M3801S stretch display monitor provides Full HD picture resolution, delivering incredible picture clarity and vibrant colours. This results in up to 5 times the picture clarity and detail in comparison to standard definition.

16:4 Wide Aspect Ratio

Approximately half the height of a traditional LCD display, the M3801S allows for a variety of installation options, from retail environments to stadiums to fast food restaurants.

Auto Scaling Driver

Ideal for content with non-standard aspect ratio


Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

These Widescreen LCD Monitors are content interchangeable with each other - the 'Zoom' function saves costs on creating content. The monitors are stretched with a wide aspect ratio, perfect for displaying two separate pieces of content. The concept is for these stretched displays to replace the conventional LED display at the call centre, bus terminal or casino. LG’s proven technology provides a robust and reliable signage solution.

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