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The World’s first Dual Core Smartphone

LG Optimus 2X P990

LG Optimus 2X P990

  • The World’s 1st Dual Core Smartphone
  • Unprecedented speedy performance
  • Seamless Multi-tasking
  • Full HD Recording & Playback


P990 4.4 5 16 16
Great Hardware, the worst software and support!! We purchased 5 of these units for our engineers.........should have bought something else! At the time, the specs compared to other phones were superb. The carrier said that the phone was sw upgradable, but a year later we are still waiting for ICS. They say since the unit is no longer made they will probably will not get the ICS update. ALL the units have issues. software locks up. unit overheats and shuts down. Can't dial...etc. etc. We have had them all in for different times. All we get back are phones that have been reset and the OS reloaded with the comments "no problem found"....ridiculous stuff coming from LG in Mexico and also the carrier Telcel. We have requested several times for replacements , but all we get is a runaround...eating up our warranty time which is about to expire in a week or two. Will never buy or recommend an LG unit to least in Mexico or with Telcel. 15 April 2013
On-Paper Phone I have this phone for 10 months, and i must say that i am a little bit disappointed. 512 MB RAM isn't 512, but 342 (VRam eats a lot, nobody said). After coming to ICS, RAM is less than small. Freezing apps, slow UI... And Android by itself very buggy. Thanks for custom ROM-s making it a little bit better. 8Mpx photos are worse than on my 7 years old Nokia with 3Mpx. At least Tegra 2 is making me happy when I run GTA on ultra details with 50 fps and 480p streams with no latency. WiFi is really poor, but what I should expect. Back cover is making "used" noises, but overall construction is good. In my humble opinion, look after other phone, this was Star, but now, it's just plastic on Tegra. 25 February 2013
good one excellent product,support team must work faster on software updates 21 December 2012
great machine reccomended i have a lot of phones butt this baby kick me of every day really amazing mashine for future high-end generations LG KEEP UP WITH GOOD WORK I LOVE LG 17 December 2012
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