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1 Appliances > Tumble Dryers Troubleshooting The machine is displaying a dE error code. What shall I do? 04/04/2015
2 Appliances > Dishwashers Troubleshooting The display is showing 'CL', what does this mean? 21/05/2015
3 Appliances > Washer Dryers Repair I was checking the drain pump filter which I found to have water in it, but nothing came out from the drain hose, is this a faultl? 03/04/2015
4 Appliances > Washer Dryers Troubleshooting The display is coming up with code 'PF', what does this mean? 04/04/2015
5 Appliances > Washer Dryers Troubleshooting Clothes are taking a long time to wash and the machine sticks and jumps during a program 04/04/2015

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