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1 Appliances > Washing Machines Troubleshooting I am getting a UE error and/or the spin cycle sticks 03/07/2014
2 Appliances > Dishwashers Troubleshooting The display is coming up with code 'CL', what does this mean? 07/12/2012
3 Appliances > Washer Dryers Troubleshooting I can smell an odor coming from my LG dryer, what could be the issue? 06/12/2013
4 Appliances > Washing Machines Repair Where can I get my LG product serviced when it is out of warranty? 07/06/2014
5 Appliances > Washer Dryers Troubleshooting The drying time seems to take much longer than usual on my LG machine, could this be down to a lack of ventilation? 05/12/2013

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