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Inspired by you.

You look for new technology that does not complicate, but simplifies your life.

The LG G3 makes it all possible.



LG Smart TV introduces a stellar innovation, the webOS, in user interface that simplifies everything and clears away all roadblocks to your entertainment from set up to show down.
It's All Possible.

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A smart watch that lets you do everything much easier and that enriches your life by providing new values of the Android technology that’s always been dreamed of, yet never met.


LG Hygienic Washing Machine

At LG, we're constantly making things better. That's why we've added a hygienic heater to help remove tough stains, bacteria & detergent residue. 60°C Tub Clean+40°C Warm Wash & Stainless Steel Tub work together for a cleaner healthier wash.

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The World's First
Curved OLED TV

Nothing will be as revolutionary as the invention of TV except for the world's first CURVED OLED TV.

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LG Door-In-Door Fridge


You open your refrigerator more often than you think. Mostly for some snacks or beverages. What if you kept them in a special space? LG introduces the world's first Door-in-Door™ design. Organize and access your frequent in & out items in an easier and smarter way.

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