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Follow the instructions for updating your Windows 8 PC to Windows 8.1

Installation Instructions

[LG] Windows 8 system lookup

Check to see if your system can be updated to Windows 8.1

  • You need to use the default graphics driver provided with Windows 8.1 for the Intel desktop board in a product that uses a 2nd generation processor (e.g., i7/i5/i3-2xxx, B9xx). (Installing a different driver could cause a problem.)
  • You can check the processor information in the [Control Panel] > [System] menu.

List of Models Supporting Update : H160, Z160, Z360, N560, Z460

List of Models Not Supporting Update : Z350, Z450, Z330, Z430, S550, P430, P530, P420, P210, A410, V300, A530-3D, A520-3D, A510

Driver and firmware updates.

Firmware and Drivers

App updates.

Not supported

Windows 8.1 clean install.

For commercial Windows 8 systems only

Not supported

Windows Compatibility Center

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