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Refresh clothes at the touch of a button.

in the Comfort of Your Home

The LG Styler is a whole new
way of getting ready. Steam any
garment in as little as 20 minutes to
keep it fresh so you’re ready to work,
play, and everything-in-between.


Revitalize your finest garments with
the gentle power of steam. Just the
press of a button will have your
clothes looking fresh and ready
to go when you are.

* Comparison before and after using Refresh cycle.
KATRI (Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute) certified.

Reduce wrinkles and odor.


Easily sanitize fabrics and items
that are difficult or impossible to
wash using 100% water with no
chemical additives.
This cycle has been tested by Intertek1 and certified by
The British Allergy Foundation(BAF)2.
  • 1) INTERTEK : Verified to sterilize 99.9% of E.coli and S.epidermidis.
  • 2) BAF : Tested for reduction in exposure to House Dust Mite
    Allergen and reduction of Live House Dust Mites
    and Fungi.


Dry fragile garments without
worrying about shrinkage or damage.


The LG Styler not only helps steams
away wrinkles but can also
create pant creases, as well as
keep them crisp.

Key Features

Design Features

LG Styler’s slim and compact size allows easier installation and
better use of a space, with its interior design prioritizing
the comfort of its user.
  • Thumnail
    Moving Hanger
    Gently vibrates approximately
    180 times per minute to help
    smooth wrinkles and reduce odors.
  • Thumnail
    Interior Light
    Creates a bright,
    accessible space
    when you open the door
  • Thumnail
    Versatile Rack
    Provides easy storage for clothes
    and other items for effective
  • Thumnail
    TrueSteam™ Nozzle
    Delivers steam using unique
    TrueSteam™ technology to
    reduce wrinkles and odors
  • Thumnail
    Portable Water Container
    Enables water for TrueSteam™
    to be supplied and drained with
    an easy-access container.
  • Thumnail
    Pants Press
    Adds a neat, precise crease
    to trousers.
  • Thumnail
    Aroma Kit
    Automatically releases a variety of
    refreshing scents onto clothes.
  • Thumnail
    Accessories Hanger
    Offers a dedicated space
    for items such as ties
    and scarves.
  • Thumnail
    LG SmartThinQ®
    Download custom cycles
    directly from your smartphone.
  • Thumnail
    Mirror Glass Surface
    Crafted from premium
    materials for a luxurious finish
  • Thumnail
    Full Touch Panel
    See all functions at a glance,
    each accessible with a single touch
  • Thumnail
    Slim Profile
    Sized to easily fit even in
    small spaces
    Height 72 13/16 in/ 17 1/2 in
  • Thumnail
    Reversible Door
    Can be set up to open in either
    direction for your convenience
  • Thumnail
    Linen Pattern
    A modern linen design that fits in
    with the décor of your room


At work

The LG Styler doesn't require plumbing connections and doesn't need to be professionally installed, so it can be added to any space. And with its innovative, minimalist design, it adds visual appeal to any decor.
A Room Where Threads Count
Give hotel guests room service like they never imaged. As a luxury amenity,
the LG Styler can refresh and sanitize their clothes in the comfort of their room.
Get People on the Go Ready to Go
The perfect way to freshen garments of frequent travelers and
business people with little time to spare.
Refreshed for Success
Be ready for any meeting or merger. The LG Styler keeps
professionals looking sharp and at the top of their game.
The Royal Treatment
Now, pamper customers and their garments. Adding the LG Styler to your spa or
salon means that clothes leave feeling as refreshed and revitalized as your customers.
A New Take on Refreshments
The dining experience should be what lingers, not the odors. With the LG Styler, guests will no longer worry about
the scent on their clothes and get back to enjoying the meal at their table.