LG Business Solutions

  • Commercial Display

    Let LG help your business create a unique customer experience with our line of superior digital signage displays for indoor and outdoor use.

  • IT Solutions

    LG Business IT products bring you a variety of computer monitors & cloud computing offerings to enhance productivity, improve daily operations and increase security.

  • Air Conditioning

    LG commercial and residential air conditioning systems provide state-of-the-art technology, industry-leading efficiency and unrivaled design flexibility.

  • EV Charger

    Connect to a better life with LG’s electric vehicle chargers

  • Robots

    LG’s robot solutions strive to make our lives easier and improve customer service by developing intelligent robots to take on complex, repetitive, and high-risk tasks.

  • Medical Monitors & Digital X-Rays

    LG Medical Monitors & Digital X-Rays offer accuracy, user convenience, and reliability for precise medical needs.

  • Builders

    LG brings its innovations to the residential, design and construction industry.

  • Commercial Laundry

    LG commercial laundry machines offer a range of valuable and efficient features, helping you to lead your business to success.

  • LG Energy Storage Systems

    A more reliable, complete energy generation & storage solution that reduces dependency on the electrical grid making your home or business more valuable, and environmentally and economically friendly.

LG Product Service and Support

Get your questions answered about product setup, use and care, repair and maintenance issues. We can help.

LG strives to make files on our website accessible. If you need a file that currently is not,
please contact our customer service department through Live Chat / Telephone / Email to request it.