Why commercial energy storage?

The LG Commercial Energy Storage System (ESS) is a reliable, innovative, and reputable long-term energy solution. It’s designed to meet the power needs of any business, while helping you work towards energy efficiencies, sustainability, and decarbonization goals. 

  • Withstand the elements

    Prepare for anything with an operation temperature range from –22 to 120°F, earthquake resistant structure, and sealed cabin for dust & moisture protection.

  • Offset price hikes

    Take advantage of peak shaving to offset your energy demand costs and gain a competitive edge by going greener.

  • Transfer power seamlessly

    AC-couple up to four units to store up to 100 MWh of power, available for automatic transfer when you need it. 

  • Tailor to your needs

    Scale this system to your unique power demands and take full control of this commercial battery backup solution. 

Achieve pure independence

The LG Commercial ESS is designed to meet your power needs. Looking to offset peak energy costs? Need to shrink your reliance on fossil fuels? Or how about maximize your emergency backup power capabilities? This robust, reliable, user-friendly solution can solve for those needs while helping your business operate more independently from the grid. Download the full spec sheet to find out how or visit our resource library to learn more.
Store energy, restore your bottom line
Your business may be eligible for federal & state tax benefits after installing LG’s Commercial ESS.

Your Work. Your Energy. Your Way.

Whether you’re welcoming guests to your hotel, teaching students in the classroom, or taking care of patients as a family physician, our Commercial Energy Storage System will be there to keep your essential operation running smoothly.

Scalable to meet your power needs
Download the full spec sheet to see how the LG Commercial ESS can scale to support your business.

What makes energy storage stand out? 

As power and sustainability demands advance, so should our energy solutions. Energy storage systems require less maintenance than fueled generators, are quieter, have better potential of lower installation costs, emit less exhaust, and can be AC-coupled or paired with solar panels to store usable energy. Still deciding if energy storage is the right move? Visit our video or content resource library to learn more about the LG Commercial ESS and how it can serve your organization.

Contact LG Electronics 

Please contact us if you need assistance or are ready to talk about securing an LG Commercial ESS for your organization. 

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