Boasting the latest panels with brighter, self-illuminating pixels and stunning color for the Best TV Ever—plus, incredibly smart AI ThinQ® & alpha 9 processor—LG OLED TVs create a home entertainment center unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
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Average Rating for OLED TVs

  1. 2 months ago
    Look great, but when is it coming out?
    I have been waiting to buy a TV for my great room ever since this TV was debuted at CES. It was going to be released in the Spring, then the summer, and now it’s just ‘coming soon’. LG, it looks like a great TV but can you give a real timeline of when it will be available for sale in the US?
  2. 2 months ago
    Roll up TV!!
    I don't own this yet as it is not released. But I will definitely own one as soon as possible. I enjoy having a TV but hate seeing it in the room. This is so much better than a TV lift cabinet. Can't wait!
  3. 3 weeks ago
    Is this a WANT or a NEED?
    If you crave elegance and sleek design this is a need. Our home is mostly glass and I've been wanting...no...NEEDING an unobstructed view. I've been waiting for windows that would convert to a TV on demand. I suppose I can wait a bit longer for that if I could own one of these TVs. I love the partial display for streaming music. When can I get one?
  1. 2 months ago
    TV's shouldnt be this good
    The review model is a 65” LG OLED C9 model for 2019 First let me reiterate from the opening statement that TV’s shouldn’t be this good (not that I am complaining) but seriously with a TV this good where do you add features or get any better than this. Second the TV is beyond my wildest expectations compared to what I was used to using or seeing on a daily basis. The TV I am replacing is a LG 55” LED model from about 8 years ago. That TV has been loved and used and has been good to me but it was ... read more time to get a new one and then I somehow talked my wife into letting me buy this amazing piece of modern technology. After this TV got delivered I was like a little kid in a candy store and was just awestruck as I unboxed it and took off all the wrapping and styrofoam and I thought no way this TV can stand up to all the hype I have seen for OLED tv’s for a few years now and to my wonderful surprise it did and then it surpassed the hype by a great margin. After I hooked it up to some 4K HDR content I was blown away and had to rewatch one of the shows I had previously watched in regular HD. The picture quality is so good I find myself sometimes not believing it and just staring at the TV trying to figure out if the director meant to show all the blemishes on the actors or they got lazy and didn’t think we had this good of a TV. Oh yeah sorry I forgot to talk about all the wonderful features the TV offers as well. I just recently started using YouTube TV for my cable TV subscription and love the built in APP to use the service it makes life so much better then starting the show on my phone and then casting it to another device to display on my TV. The google assistant is amazing with its built in uses, I sometimes find myself messing with my wife and turning off the bedroom light with the google assistant. One of my favorite things about this TV is that it has gretaly reduced the glare that I have on the TV and this is especially awesome because my TV sits directly across from a huge window. Pros: 1. Amazing picture 2. Amazing list of features 3. Amazing sound 4. Best HDR available on TV’s 5. Newest HDMI version (future proofing) 6. Beautiful design 7. Best possible viewing angels 8. Almost completely removes glare Cons: 1. A little higher price (not overly priced though) well worth the price almost not a con 2. NOTHING else. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion
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  2. 2 weeks ago
    Perfect Picture
    I couldn’t be happier with my LG OLED. I was looking at the cheaper Samsung QLED as well, but after researching the two T.V. It was clear the better T.V. would be LG OLED. Some of the most impressive features are when we have movie night with all the lights off, and the movie we’re watching goes to a all black screen. This effect adds to the dramatic element as the LG OLED has no light emitted. This is how the movie was made to be seen. I watch a lot of Sports also, and I like the option ... read more to easily switch TV modes from cinema to sports. The T.V. Was easy to mount. My guest are always impressed with the picture, and how thin the OLED is. If your looking for a high end T.V. don’t settle go with LG OLED and you won’t be disappointed.
  3. 2 months ago
    Mesmerizing OLED Picture Quality
    LG C9 OLED TV has brought a TV viewing experience to another level, a level that not many other TV makers can boast about. As soon as you turn the TV on, you can see a huge difference in picture quality: movies look cinematic, cartoons come to life and look pretty amazing, you cannot take your eyes off. I also like the design of this TV, it does not interfere with the decor of the living room. The screen is so thin, you may want to handle it with extra care when unpacking and moving this TV. I ... read more like the stand for this TV too as it has a good weight to it and the TV sits securely in it. The sound is pretty impressive and usually that is the weakest point of any TV, however LG integrated its speakers on the bottom of the set and the sound is routed via the stand out to the spectator. Make sure you have Dolby Atmos enabled as it only enriches the sound experience and makes it even better. This TV has a very intuitive operating system called WebOS, it is very easy to use and with the help of the Magic remote supplied with this TV, you can watch 4K content available on Netflix, YouTube and other providers. There is a Web store where you can download games and other apps. HDR and 4K content makes this TV stand out so much, our family and friends are always floored when we get together for a movie, I am glad LG has implemented a number of latest technology into this set. I love love having Google Assistant and Alexa integrated in the TV as well! You can view the weather forecast, ask Google to turn on or off your TV or switch to another input, the opportunities are endless here. There is also a web browser, 300 or more Internet channels, Gallery to show off your pictures and so much more to explore with this amazing OLED TV! I believe that once you go OLED, you will never go back to a conventional LED TV. LG has perfected their OLED TVs so much already, and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us consumers! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.
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  1. 1 week ago
    Amazing Value- Unsurpassed Quality
    This is not a television. The OLED 8k 88' is a movie theatre in search of the right home. Fortunately it will be in my home. There is no other tv on the market that is comparable. Inest in yourself and your home theatre experience.
  2. 4 months ago
    LG - Living Good and Loving It!
    Most of us certainly hope that LG's 8K OLDE88Z9PUA, or a future 8K model, supports 3D. I also hope that 77-inch and 65-inch or, better yet, 66-inch models, are available from LG. I don't expect any television manufacturer to support 8K in models smaller than 65-inches simply because the effects of 8K are negligible when looking at 55-inch and smaller TVs.
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  3. 6 months ago
    LG OLED TV's are Second to None
    When I wanted to upgrade my TV in 2016 I spent over 100 hours researching TV's to find the best TV in the world and the choice was without a doubt the LG OLED G6P. It has the best picture quality I have seen in a TV including in the theater. The big selling point that made me decide to fork out 7k for a TV was the 3D quality which is light years beyond any other display including IMAX. The TV was one of the only TV's in the world to support 4K 3D content with only a few demo videos available on ... read more YouTube from LG. I have shown these demos to many people especially my friends who were 3D sceptics and every person I showed it to was blown away and several tried to purchase it from me. Unfortunately, my G6 recently bit the dust and I am looking for a new OLED but there are no longer any 3D models available. With the incredible 3D quality of the 4k OLEDs this feature should be brought back for the even better 8K line of OLEDs. I would take the 3D feature over ThinQ, smart home features, and other bells and whistles that I will barely use and I would be glad to pay a premium for the 3D feature. I recently purchased a phone with a holographic 3D display that does not require 3D glasses and I would love to see this technology brought to an LG OLED 8K TV. I would purchase it immediately. Picture, HDR, and Color Quality 10 out of 10 LG OLED image and color quality are still the best in the world and LG beat their own record with the addition of 8k and a much more advanced processor. The inclusion of HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG covers all current HDR formats except the recently released HDR10+ which I would like to see added to future LG OLEDs so we can have access to every HDR format currently available. Features 8 out of 10 This TV is now the largest OLED available to the public at 88 inches and the first 8k OLED TV in the world. The attached stand is a unique new feature. I like that it includes a shelf under the TV to set my game consoles, 4k Blu-ray player, and computer. This will make it easier to hide cords and cut down on my out of control electronics jungle. My only complaint is that the TV lacks 3D capabilities and that should be included for a TV of this caliber and price point. My other very small critique is that the stand should be black to match the TV and most other high end electronic devices. Value 8 out of 10 This TV when released will have the best picture and color quality of any TV in the world by almost every measure and has a gigantic screen to boot. You would expect to pay a premium price for a TV of this caliber. That said I deducted value points due to the lack of 3D capability. LG OLEDs with 3D capability were discontinued in 2016 but even at 4 years old the 3D OLEDs still sell at about the same price as when they first released. This indicates that 3D capability still holds value for many OLED customers and they are willing to pay extra for this feature. Final Conclusion If 3D is not a selling point for you and you want to buy the best TV in the world then it doesn't get any better than this. I am going to miss my OLED G6 and I want to replace it with an even bigger and better 8k OLED but unless LG brings back the 3D feature I will not purchase another OLED until the price come down considerably. It is going to be difficult going back to a regular TV, once you go OLED Perfect Black it's hard to go back.
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  1. 2 months ago
    LG E9PUA is Amazing
    My television arrived 3 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier with it. I wasted no time unboxing the television and immediately had it mounted on the wall. From that point it was love at first sight. The TV has virtually no bezel and is the thinnest tv I’ve ever owned, hung on the wall it looks more like a piece of art than a television. Setup was a breeze, it’s takes you through the process step by step and once complete you are ready to roll. Never having a TV that supported HDR, I had no ... read more idea what I was missing, the clarity that comes from the OLED panel is unbelievable. Watching Game of Thrones and sporting events created an amazing experience. The HDMI arc functionality is awesome and setting up the magic remote to control all of my devices make the experience that much better. This TV shines with 4K video and Dolby Atmos sound, the picture is unparalleled by any TV I’ve ever owned, crisp as crisp can be. Stunning is the one word I’d use to describe it. I completely and totally would recommend this television to anyone in the market for a new TV and LG hit it out of the park with this one. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.
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  2. 2 weeks ago
    I dreamed of owning an OLED TV for two years! Finally my dream came true AND EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!!! I love the sound (through my LG Sound Bar) and the GORGEOUS picture! The magic remote is fantastic and very easy to use! The glass screen is a great conversation piece with friends and neighbors not believing a TV could be so thin and light! It was easy to mount on the wall and easy to set up. Overall, this is the very best TV I have ever owned!!!
  3. 4 months ago
    Spectacular picture with great sound and design
    I’ve owned the LG OLED E9 for about a month now. I was torn between this model and the C9. While the C9 was less expensive I am so happy I went with the 65” E9. The glass design is sharp and the TV looks great even when off. The picture is the best I’ve seen from all of the different brands out there in my opinion. People look real and the colors are very natural. 4K movies are amazing and the sound is good enough that I made back the money I spent on this TV by not needing to buy a sound bar or ... read more surround system. Don’t get me wrong, a surround system would be fantastic and would definitely bring additional dimensions to your home cinema viewing, just saying that the sound that comes with this TV is better than the others out there. I chose to use the stand that came with the TV rather than wall mount and the TV appears to be floating on air. I highly recommend the OLED E9 for anyone who loves having a maximum home theatre experience. To make it even better, I was able to connect my TV, Dish, Apple TV and 4K DVD player in a matter of minutes, no outside assistance necessary. Having VUDU, Netflix, Amazon Prime as a few of the many apps available on the TV are definitely a plus as is being able to use Alexa and Google assistant. I’m adding some photos but even they don’t do this picture justice
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  1. 9 months ago
    Terrific tv
    Terrific and unique tv the best in themarket, congratulations!!!!
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  2. 8 months ago
    Awesome Tv
    it is awesome Tv, I would like to have it this year
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  3. 1 month ago
    Wonderful TV
    This wall paper TV is amazing. I bought it about 3 weeks ago , the picture is absolutely great and more features than I will ever use. I never had a high end TV , I always bought last year's model. LG W9 is the future now and the sound bar is so cool with the pop up speakers.The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is that for the price it should have come with the extender cable. I had to order one and have been waiting 3 weeks now for it to be shipped and yes the cable is expensive. Once the ... read more cable comes and I can hide the cable behind the wall I will take pics. Again you will not find a better picture anywhere with a futuristic sound bar. Oh ya it's Alexa ready and I have Alexa run the TV which is great for an Alexa freak like my self. Thanks LG for something I thought I would ever own.
  • 2019-10-23
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