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  1. 2 years ago
    Best-in-class smart vacuum cleaner + a home-guard
    I saw a demo LG HOM-BOT robotic smart vacuum cleaner at a store and can't wait to take it home. It does a great job at not only smartly cleaning the house but provides great features to control it via a remote controller at home and even controlling it via a cell phone while on the go. The best thing about LG Hom-Bot smart vacuum cleaner is its edge over competition of having a very practical feature of remotely guarding the home and seeing live activities taking place at home while you are ... read more away, all that just by tapping the innovative LG app on your smartphone. Isn’t simply amazing and its best of innovative vacuum cleaner in market at present. The only disappointing part it, I couldn’t find one in stores in my area which I could take home. Has been waiting long for availability.
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  2. 2 years ago
    Excellent cleaning machine!!!!
    Very easy to use. I charged it up and signed it into my wifi set it run everyday at 2 and when I get home its done. I love the cleaning diary on the app, it actually draws out the layout of your house and when you press play it shows the Bot moving around your house on the screen of where it went. Very impressed!!! Moved up from my beloved 6 year old Roomba.
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  3. 2 years ago
    Great. Best of all I have tried
    I have been using Robotic vaccuums daily for over 10 years, including various models of several brands. Overall the LG Hom-Bot is by far the best for my needs. It is normally used to clean 2400sq. ft, divided into 7 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 hallways, and a large carpeted walk in closet. Except for the closet the floors are hardwood and tile with area rugs in every room. I have been using Cell by cell mode since that does the most thorough cleaning job. In that mode it runs approximately 1.5 ... read more hour, recharges for 3 hour, then runs almost 1.5 hour to finish the job (6 hour total). In zig zag mode it covers the entire area in approximately 1.5 hour, without having to recharge. It cleans so well I might start using zig-zag mode to reduce the run time. PROS: Extremely quiet, does not interfere with conversation, music, or TV. Fast, with some other brands two robotic vaccuums were needed to cover the entire house in a single day. Almost always manages to cover the whole house without getting lost or stuck. Does not scuff table legs and wall molding like other robot vaccuums. CONS: The WIFI smart application is so slow and intermittant to be virtually worthless. The problem with the WIFI might be that I have dsl internet, which is somewhat slow. The Robot tends to push items such as light weight chairs and decorative tables around. I have had to apply non-slip pads and pressure sensitive adhesive to some items to keep them in place. Since it navigates by camera, it gets lost if it is run at night in the dark. Overall it is the best of any I have used.
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  1. 2 years ago
    Just perfect!
    I got this little guy , I can't believe how wonderful it Is! Easy to set up, beautiful and sleek design, not too noisy and does a perfect job. What he doesn't ? to say" Thank u " After I said him " Bravo"! I easily turn on and off and change cleaning mode from my phone app. Thank you LG for to make great appliances!
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  2. 3 years ago
    Great overall but has some kinks
    Positives: - great transition from tile to rugs, turbo kicks in automatically - battery is awesome, lasts 1.5 to 2 hours but could also depend on floors, mine is 95% tile with a couple of small rugs - easy to set up initially - takes corners well and gets dust in corners well - cleans all floor to wall edges really well - easy to clean the waste basket out - even with the kinks/negatives, it still works great so I don't have to sweep every day Negatives: - price is a little high in ... read more my opinion - not as super quiet as advertised but not as loud as a regular vaccuum - WiFi cuts off as soon as it goes back to charge, even with excellent internet connection, so it doesn't "wake up" the next day to start it's scheduled cleaning, you have to set up the WiFi each time which is annoying - it tends to clean the same areas multiple times but leaves some other areas without cleaning, seems to get lost sometimes - cleaning history does not show up in the app - it likes to suck up power cords (from lamps) instead of just running over them so it gets stuck if one is left on the floor - picks up small dirt and dust really well but not very good with small crumbs - gets stuck on bar stool base
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  3. 3 years ago
    Internet of Things done right!
    I love this vacuum !! I have been using the LG Home Bot for a few days now, and , it has done more than I expected. Unlike a lot of high tech products in the IOT sphere, the Hom Bot is extremely easy to step up and start using. 1 Open the box and unpack. 2 Decide where you want to place the charging dock. 3 Turn on the main power and press the Start button THAT’S IT. You may need to charge it before you clean (mine came partially charged). I tried it out on my hardwood floors ... read more and it cleaned great. The square shape get into the corners and the side brushes get all the little dust bunnies in the corners. You can choose from a few different modes. I chose zig zag which cleans a large area rather quickly by going back and forth through the space. There is also a Cell by Cell that divides your space into rectangular zones and thoroughly cleans each zone. There is also a spot clean and a manual mode. When it was done cleaning it found the home station and docked itself for charging. Emptying the dust cup is super simple and the sponge filter is washable. A cleaning tool is included to clean the removable brush roller. If you have pets you can purchase an optional pet roller. There are also virtuals wall available that I plan to purchase to keep the Home Bot confined to the areas you want cleaned. It went into one of the bedrooms when I forgot to close the door all the way. Did I mention that there is an app? I downloaded the app Android/iPhone and the setup was simple through wifi. The app is not necessary but will allow you to schedule the Hom Bot to clean at the time of your choosing. You can also steer the Home Bot using the controls or send it back to it’s charging station. It will keep a cleaning diary and do diagnostics. Handy! This is not going to replace your traditional vacuum, but imagine that your sweep ups are done for you when you want. Totally worth it.
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  1. 8 months ago
    I never used a stick vacuum before so I wanted to do a test. I used my old vacuum then went over it with the LG vacuum. This vacuum picked up dirt that was left behind from my old vacuum. it comes easy to install and a dock to store it. I like how it has a regular speed and a turbo speed. it come with an extra battery and the dock can actually charge the vacuum and the spare battery at the same time. it's lightweight and easy to use. If you want to vacuum your steps or furniture it come with ... read more attachments to do that.
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  2. 1 month ago
    I love this vacuum!!!
    I love this vacuum!!!!! I have retired my broom! I use it every-other day and it zips around my house and grabs dust bunnies, crumbs and pet hair like a champ! I love how light it is and the attachments make it perfect for any job. Keep in mind that it is in the "stick vacuum category" which means you will still need a full size vacuum if you want to do your whole carpeted house but if you have berber carpet or wood or tile floors with area rugs this vacuum is the answer! Also the ... read more quality of the build is top notch! way to go LG!!!!!
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  3. 5 months ago
    I really love this stick vacuum. Unlike other brands I've had, this vacuum is lightweight, easy to maneuver and has a long lasting battery. It does not replace my main vacuum, but it helps me keeping the house clean on a daily basis. We have a mix of tiles, wood flooring, and carpet and the vacuum does a great job on all of them. Also the adjustable height is a nice feature to have. Finally, the handheld vacuum is awesome! I mainly use it to vacuum crumbs of the table and my sofas. I received ... read more this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review, and would definitely recommend it to anyone!
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  1. 3 years ago
    Impressive - but could be better
    I debated on how to rate the LG HOM-BOT. When I first got it, I was interested in the WiFi portion and yet another addition to my Home Automation projects. I must say I am really disappointed with the Android application and LG support. In the end I think it's my issue - firewall blocking access to LG, but the phone support was terrible. The Andriod application is poorly written and it's difficult to know what the issue is in connection. To this day, I still have not been able to get it ... read more connected. That said, the product itself is not too bad. I think it does a really goo job of navigating obstacles and seems to do a pretty good job cleaning. I'm impressed with HOM-BOTs ability to adjust to both the hardwood floors and carpeting. Navigation in tight spaces is really good - I was amazed at how it wandered into my office (which is a mess) and even cleaned under the desk. We have two dogs and a lot of activity in the house, so I'm just not sure this type of vacuum is right for us. I look forward to the ability to schedule cleaning and just have it done automatically - that will be cool. I am concerned about HOM-BOTs ability to clean automatically and then find home. We did have a couple of occasions where he just didn't make it and we had to intervene. So, for now, I'm giving HOM-BOT the benefit of the doubt and rating a 4 for it's functionality. 2 Stars for LG Service, and 3 Stars for over-all value.
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  2. 3 years ago
    Hom-Bot is fantastic!
    I was not sure an item like this would really work well but I was wrong! The LG Hom-Bot works! After receiving it and setting it up we let it go to work and it cleaned our kitchen, hall way and bedroom. The floors are a combo of carpet,rugs, and hardwood. The best part was watching it clean under our bed which was full of dust bunnies, no more. The carpet vac did a pretty good job too! Switch over from wood floor to carpet/rugs was smooth and no problems. One problem it did encounter was ... read more grabbing some power cords under the bed. It is quieter than I thought it would be. It got under the bed, tables, and bar stools no problem. It did have a problem making a transition from a hardwood floor to the master bath but that was because of a high edge between the two different floors. The Bot was able to return to its charging station when the battery was low. All and all it was pretty impressive and we would recommend this bot to anyone thinking of getting one.
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  3. 3 years ago
    Outstanding vacuum
    This is a great looking product. It works as advertised. It operates very easily, sweeps and cleans my floors as I had hoped it would. Very pleased with the vacuum.
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  1. 3 months ago
    Makes vacuuming anywhere incredibly easy
    Vacuuming is usually a noisy task, repositioning the cord, hauling something heavy around, etc. But with this vacuum, it is more like grabbing a broom, no big deal to use anywhere in the house, yet very efficient at pulling up dirt from hard floors or carpets. I like that it is rather quiet, too. Emptying the bin is like many other stick vacuums, you have to do it carefully or else it can send up some dust. It stows and charges very neatly as well, so you have everything easily at hand. I ... read more haven't come close to tiring out battery #1 yet in a single vacuuming session even using the powered attachments. I found the set-up instructions clear for the charge/storage stand, but they didn't give much for the vacuum itself. However, I used common sense and put it together without a single problem! That tells me there was a lot of intelligence in the product design for usability. Maybe less effort, and less needed, for the instructions. I was not looking for the most powerful vacuum on the market that could pick up deep filth or matted-in animal hair, but a general-purpose vacuum. I wanted to make frequent vacuuming of moderately dusty/dirty floors and carpets as easy and as pleasant as possible. Other smart touches: you push a button to turn on/off, but you don't need to keep pressing while you vacuum; and the ability to extend the height of the vacuum That gives you more hand and arm flexibility and back comfort. It was this or a robot vacuum and I am so happy I chose this, because in a few minutes I can choose my target areas and make them clean right away! First vacuum in my life that I really like to use :-) !!
  2. 1 year ago
    I had this vacuum for about about maybe two months now and I honestly could not be any happier with this one! The vacuum is super light and easy to maneuver around, the detachable handle turning into a hand held vacuum is great and helpful as well as the extra nozzles! The turbo suction is great because it really help get everything up from the carpet/wooden floors. The best part about it all is it’s little station!
  3. 2 years ago
    Best Vacuum EVER!
    Let me start off by saying that this is by far the best vacuum ever! I love how the vacuum is cordless, and how it comes with two different heads. One head is for carpet, the other for hardwood and tile floors. The handle is telescoping, so you can adjust it. I like how the vacuum heads are made so that no hair can get tangled around it that you normally have to use a pair of scissors to remove the tangled hair mess. This vacuum has power, and two power settings. I have four indoor cats and one ... read more dog. This vacuum picked up so much pet hair that my other vacuum missed. I was amazed. The vacuum swivels making it so much easier to use, and it reaches under places that my old vacuum couldn't reach. I love all of the other attachments it came with, and it can be used as a hand held vacuum for couches, automobiles, stairs, etc. I also love how quiet this vacuum is, and it has a removable HEPA filter that you can wash and reuse. When charged, the vacuum will run for eighty minutes.
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