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Chef cooking on an induction cooktop.

What is Induction Cooking?

You might have heard it from friends or on your favorite cooking show. But what is induction cooking? Simply put, induction utilizes electromagnetic energy—instead of electric heating coils or gas burners—for a faster, cleaner, safer and yes, more energy efficient way to cook.

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How does induction work?

Unlike radiant electric elements and gas burners, induction cooktops do not create heat. Instead, coils beneath the surface create a pulsating magnetic field, which generates heat directly in induction-compatible cookware.

Why choose induction?

While induction technology has been around for decades, its benefits are very relevant for the modern home. Here are some of the advantages to owning an induction range or cooktop.

Why professional chefs like cooking with induction

Professional chefs are increasingly making the switch from gas to induction, which offers more precise control over heat and better energy efficiencies, while helping mitigate the dangers of open flames.

How induction stacks up to gas and electric

When it comes to energy efficiency, induction is the clear winner. See the difference induction can make on how you cook and the energy it can save.¹













Thinking about making the switch?

Now that you know the advantages to induction, here are some things to consider before purchasing an induction range or cooktop.

Know your electrical connection

Whether you’re switching from gas or radiant electric, you should have a licensed electrician make sure you have the right electrical setup to adequately power an induction range or cooktop.

Get your gas line capped

If your existing range or cooktop uses gas, you should hire a licensed plumber to temporarily shut off your gas main and safely cap the gas line to your old appliance.

Check your existing cookware

Look for this symbol, or some variant, on the bottom of your pots and pans. It tells you if the cookware you have is induction compatible.

Give your cookware the “magnet test”

Here’s a quick way to DIY check your current cookware. See if a traditional magnet sticks to the bottom. If so, your cookware should be compatible.

We’re leading the charge

LG induction ranges and cooktops were the first in the industry to achieve ENERGY STAR® certification under the new program for residential electric cooking products. Motivated by our commitment to helping homeowners as well as the environment, we will continue to expand our line of energy-efficient, reliable and innovative induction cooking appliances.

LG Induction Cooktop

Induction appliances for any kitchen style

Explore the possibilities for fast, clean and safe ways to cook through LG’s line of induction ranges and cooktops.

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¹According to ENERGY STAR®
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