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  1. 1 week ago
    Amazing picture
    I have had this tv just over 2 weeks now and I still can’t believe how good the picture is. Replaced with an older LG 4K tv and can see the difference with OLED. Not only do movies look even better cause there is little to zero blooming when the screen is dark gaming on this tv is great too. Highly recommend this tv for everyone
  2. 1 month ago
    TV's shouldnt be this good
    The review model is a 65” LG OLED C9 model for 2019 First let me reiterate from the opening statement that TV’s shouldn’t be this good (not that I am complaining) but seriously with a TV this good where do you add features or get any better than this. Second the TV is beyond my wildest expectations compared to what I was used to using or seeing on a daily basis. The TV I am replacing is a LG 55” LED model from about 8 years ago. That TV has been loved and used and has been good to me but it was ... read more time to get a new one and then I somehow talked my wife into letting me buy this amazing piece of modern technology. After this TV got delivered I was like a little kid in a candy store and was just awestruck as I unboxed it and took off all the wrapping and styrofoam and I thought no way this TV can stand up to all the hype I have seen for OLED tv’s for a few years now and to my wonderful surprise it did and then it surpassed the hype by a great margin. After I hooked it up to some 4K HDR content I was blown away and had to rewatch one of the shows I had previously watched in regular HD. The picture quality is so good I find myself sometimes not believing it and just staring at the TV trying to figure out if the director meant to show all the blemishes on the actors or they got lazy and didn’t think we had this good of a TV. Oh yeah sorry I forgot to talk about all the wonderful features the TV offers as well. I just recently started using YouTube TV for my cable TV subscription and love the built in APP to use the service it makes life so much better then starting the show on my phone and then casting it to another device to display on my TV. The google assistant is amazing with its built in uses, I sometimes find myself messing with my wife and turning off the bedroom light with the google assistant. One of my favorite things about this TV is that it has gretaly reduced the glare that I have on the TV and this is especially awesome because my TV sits directly across from a huge window. Pros: 1. Amazing picture 2. Amazing list of features 3. Amazing sound 4. Best HDR available on TV’s 5. Newest HDMI version (future proofing) 6. Beautiful design 7. Best possible viewing angels 8. Almost completely removes glare Cons: 1. A little higher price (not overly priced though) well worth the price almost not a con 2. NOTHING else. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion
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  3. 4 months ago
    I recently purchased this beautiful TV in 65". I've owned one other LG OLED (B6) and I can say this is a MUCH nicer TV. It uses an AI to bring out the best picture depending on what you're watching (option to enable). When they say perfect black, they mean it. Also, the "magic remote" seems to be less jumpy and is far better than the previous version. Connecting this to my LG account and connecting my LG account to Google allows my Google Assistant control of the TV as well. I haven't gotten ... read more used to using that but it's just another feature. Also, I have an Amazon Cube (4K) and unfortunately Amazon doesn't have it coded yet to stream 4K. LG has an Amazon Prime App pre-loaded into the TV and that App works better than the cube and streams 4K content flawlessly. Interesting to note that the magic remote automatically detected the cube and so I was able to shelve the cube remote and just use the magic remote for everything! I also use an LG Soundbar and rear channels, hooked up through the optical port. The only thing I had to do was switch the setting to optical and it configured it for use. So far, this is a stunning TV. I also love the fact that it's future-proofed for the next HDCP 2.2 update due to release next year, as it already has those ports. No other TV on the market has that that I'm aware of.
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  1. 4 weeks ago
    LG E9PUA is Amazing
    My television arrived 3 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier with it. I wasted no time unboxing the television and immediately had it mounted on the wall. From that point it was love at first sight. The TV has virtually no bezel and is the thinnest tv I’ve ever owned, hung on the wall it looks more like a piece of art than a television. Setup was a breeze, it’s takes you through the process step by step and once complete you are ready to roll. Never having a TV that supported HDR, I had no ... read more idea what I was missing, the clarity that comes from the OLED panel is unbelievable. Watching Game of Thrones and sporting events created an amazing experience. The HDMI arc functionality is awesome and setting up the magic remote to control all of my devices make the experience that much better. This TV shines with 4K video and Dolby Atmos sound, the picture is unparalleled by any TV I’ve ever owned, crisp as crisp can be. Stunning is the one word I’d use to describe it. I completely and totally would recommend this television to anyone in the market for a new TV and LG hit it out of the park with this one. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.
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  2. 3 months ago
    Spectacular picture with great sound and design
    I’ve owned the LG OLED E9 for about a month now. I was torn between this model and the C9. While the C9 was less expensive I am so happy I went with the 65” E9. The glass design is sharp and the TV looks great even when off. The picture is the best I’ve seen from all of the different brands out there in my opinion. People look real and the colors are very natural. 4K movies are amazing and the sound is good enough that I made back the money I spent on this TV by not needing to buy a sound bar or ... read more surround system. Don’t get me wrong, a surround system would be fantastic and would definitely bring additional dimensions to your home cinema viewing, just saying that the sound that comes with this TV is better than the others out there. I chose to use the stand that came with the TV rather than wall mount and the TV appears to be floating on air. I highly recommend the OLED E9 for anyone who loves having a maximum home theatre experience. To make it even better, I was able to connect my TV, Dish, Apple TV and 4K DVD player in a matter of minutes, no outside assistance necessary. Having VUDU, Netflix, Amazon Prime as a few of the many apps available on the TV are definitely a plus as is being able to use Alexa and Google assistant. I’m adding some photos but even they don’t do this picture justice
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  3. 5 months ago
    Outstanding picture and surprisingly good sound!
    I've had this television for 2 weeks. It's my second LG; I also own a OLED55E7P. The picture is what I expect from LG OLED: exceptional. The surprise with this television is the sound from the TV itself. I'll be connecting to my Naim Uniti Nova and ATC speakers but the out-of-the-box sound of the E9 is at least as good as one might get from a decent sound bar. For my money LG sets the standard for video quality against which other manufacturers are measured.
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  1. 1 month ago
    Nano 9 Series
    LG 55inch Nano TV My first LG 55ich Nano TV. I was out of town when my TV came in, 1st thing I did when I reached home was unbox my awesome TV that I was waiting to play with and see what it has that I am missing in my old Samsung TV. And sure I got all good surprises packaging was awesome, everything labeled and easy to install , usually it needs 2 people but for sure 1 person can do it just be careful. About TV, this one has 4 hdmi and 2 USB perfect for me that what I needed , using every ... read more single one . Remote has all in 1 that means no more having 4 remotes for 4 devices this was BIG PLUS for me and my family .. I have Directv , and other device as well, now I do not have to worry about it . AlsoI got LG appliance now all Lg Smart app will connect for me. Overall 10star to this NANO TV Excellent response time on the LG 55SK9000PUA, great for watching sports or fast paced movies. Most of the blur visible in the photo is caused by 60 fps persistence when there is no flicker, but there is a small motion blur trail behind the logo. There is some overshoot on the 100% transitions but it is minor and should not cause any ghosting. Only a short trail can be seen following fast-moving objects I usually watch Sports and Movies 4k DirecTV has some channels and OMG they are amazing pic , I have never seen that clearity for time , but my baby girl loves her cartoon , when she sees the pic that hassle she hates it on my old tv now when everything is clear and sound of the Tv is so good , my daughter is in love with LG Nano Tv. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.
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  2. 1 month ago
    Impressive picture and intuitive interface
    The LG 55SM9000PUA was delivered in an average size box, and I was actually able to lift it by myself, owing to light TV and just enough packaging to keep it safe in transit. With everything plugged in and the TV hanging from the wall, I noticed immediately how much closer it was to the wall than the previous TV and even the LG OLED TV in the other room. There also didn't appear to be any bezels, at least they aren't visible unless the TV is on, and even then they are only a few centimeters. ... read more Setup was uneventful. I had to select a few options, give it an Internet connection, and I was ready to go.  So far so good, a clean formfactor, uncomplicated setup and I was greeted with a familiar interface. The LG 55SM9000PUA runs the latest webOS, while my LG OLED65G6P is running 3.3. They look very similar to each other, which really helps when going from using a TV in one room to another. My experience with webOS has been overwhelmingly positive, and this iteration continues to build on that. It maintains a shallow menu depth, making it easy to find most functions and is quick to get out of the way so you can get back to the content.  The smart functionality presents itself as tiles along the bottom of the screen, but only when you press the home button. It's mercifully minimalistic, instead of trying to compete with an Apple TV, cable box, or game console, it lets you use common applications like Netflix, but doesn't drown you in a TV world that feels like someone's side job.  Event the remote is pleasantly sparse, it preserves the numeric buttons for those who still have a cable box, but it primarily serves as a motion controlled pointer. It has a scroll wheel surrounded by a directional pad, providing an alternative to those who don't feel like pointing the remote at the TV. Oh, and as an added bonus, the directional buttons and scroll-click work on the Apple TV. Now whatever remote I grab is the "right one."  Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. I only had the 3rd generation Apple TV attached, so I wasn't really pushing a 4k picture. Though even with just a 1080p signal, I could tell it wasn't as soft and washed out like the old TV. Job done, I guess. At some point the TV's screensaver kicked in, the same one that runs on the OLED TV in the other room. The picture looked almost identical. I never expected to get anywhere near the same picture. Even the black levels are exceptional.  I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion
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  3. 1 month ago
    Great TV, almost 3D
    I am reviewing the LG Nano 9 Series 9000PUA 55. I love this TV. I place this TV in my living room. It replaced a 47 inch TV. The box was indicated how to open it. The TV was encased in foam. It came with a magic remote, instructions, TV stand, and cord. The installation process it self was very easy. I used the TV stand. My window air conditioner and a fan does make it wiggle a little but it seems very sturdy, not like its going to fall. The AI walks you through set up when you turn the TV on. ... read more It is all very easy and very quick. The magic remote has a pointer on it which makes it easy to make choices. The picture quality is very crisp and sharp not matter where the show you are watching comes from. Even old black and white movies from the 1930's and 1940's are sharper and crisper. It doesn't matter from what angle you are sitting the picture quality is just as good. The sound quality is really good without a sound bar. Sometimes on commercials the sound does go up. I hooked up my fire stick. It was easy and quick to set up. I do have an Amazon Alexa Echo. She is now hooked up, so I can use her to guide my TV, which I am really loving. The TV is thin and there is plenty of room on my TV stand to put a soundbar without compromising space. The HDMI connections are easy to read and to get to. You can cast from your phone or computer to the TV. It does not take but a few seconds. The magic remote is also voice activated. I would highly recommend this TV. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.
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