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Nanocell TVs

A new world of true color with nano accuracy

LG Nanocell technology brings you an immersive viewing experience with rich detail, clarity and color no matter where you're sitting.

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Experience television as never before. LG NanoCell TV delivers enhanced 4K movies, sports and gaming. Raising the benchmark in LED picture quality, our Nano Color technology brings natural, lifelike color, while Nano Accuracy offers more precise color and wider angles. And with the latest AI, the LG NanoCell TV elevates everything across picture, sound and connected home. Discover just a few of the features available in our collection.

8K and 4K Resolutions: Whether combined with our Real or UHD technology, our 8K and 4K resolutions deliver detailed pictures, natural blacks, lifelike colors and precisely balanced lighting – for images so true-to-life you have to see them to believe them.

Over a billion rich colors. Content has never been more colorful. LG NanoCell TVs open your eyes to every color imaginable, painting your views in a whole new spectrum of over a billion rich colors in everything from best-picture nominees to big playoff games. (Achieved through 10-bit dithering for NANO91/90/85/81/80 series.)

TruMotion Technology. Whether you choose a NanoCell TV with TruMotion 240 (Native 120Hz) or TruMotion 120 (Native 60Hz), you'll get reduced blur and sharper details – giving fast-action movie sequences and lightning-fast sports plays a smoother look from frame to frame.

Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos: Our newest NanoCell TVs delivers Dolby technology that ups the action. Dolby Vision IQ automatically adjusts picture settings depending on ambient lighting conditions and content genres, while Dolby Atmos® puts you in the middle of the action with multi-dimensional surround sound that seems to flow all around you. (Dolby Vision is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby Atmos and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.)

Filmmaker Mode™: When you choose an LG NanoCell TV with Filmmaker Mode, you can see what directors envisioned. It's a setting that respects the craft – translating the director's cinematic vision to your TV with automatic picture and processor settings and brings true authenticity.

Sports Alert: Now you can stay up to date on your favorite teams. With Sports Alert, you'll get updates on your favorite teams, start times, and scores — even while you're watching other content. Plus, you can easily switch to games without searching for the channel. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Premier League and more — it's all here.

Bluetooth Surround Ready. Connecting LG Bluetooth speakers for wireless surround sound has never been easier. With the power to connect up to two speakers, including LG XBoom Speakers, you can get a true surround sound experience without a wire in sight.

HGIG: High Dynamic Range isn't just for movies – and LG NanoCell TVs prove it by using HDR technology to drop you right into the action – for a new level of immersive gaming that will transform your play.

 Of course, the features don’t stop there. Browse our full range of innovative 8K and 4K NanoCell TVs — and create a home entertainment space that's perfect for you. Be sure to enhance your experience with the latest in a sound bars, home audio and home video products, including a wide range of accessories designed to take home entertainment to the next level.

Images may be simulated and dramatized for illustrative purposes. Actual features, functionality, and other product specifications may differ and are subject to change without notice. Prices, promotions, and availability may vary by model, store, and online. Prices subject to change without notice. Quantities are limited. Check with your local retailers for their final price and availability.

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