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Get newest TVs and soundbars with exclusive MyLG Rewards and limited-time offers.

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LG CineBeam Q Projector

The LG CineBeam Q projector is a bold and stylish cinematic statement that fits your space and makes you rethink what a 4K projector can do.

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LG CineBeam Q Projector

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Elevate your entertainment experience. LG home theater projectors, 4K projectors, outdoor and portable projectors deliver stunning picture quality, simple wireless connections and cinematic viewing up to 140 inches.

With the power to stream your favorite content from providers like Netflix®, Prime Video, YouTube® and more, LG projectors can transform your home into a virtual cineplex – and now, you can gain access to new series and classics on Disney+ as part of LG projector’s webOS.

For sports fans, our home projectors will make you feel like you're sitting right on the court, ring or field. With stunning color and rich detail, plus the power to stream live TV from your favorite providers, watching sports at home has never been better.

Along with giving you a big, beautiful view of movies, TV shows and sports, many of our home theater projectors can also function as gaming projectors. With a short projector throw ratio, they can be placed just inches away from your screen – so you can experience gameplay with a truly cinematic view.

Along with access to all your favorite content, our home projectors, include some incredible features to make your favorite entertainment – and your life – even better, like:

Smart Technology: Because our smart projectors feature Google Assistant and Alexa built in, you can not only control your favorite content, but you can control compatible smart home devices using just your voice.

Big, Stunning Images: 4K projectors with HDR, as well as our Full HD projectors, deliver crisp, detailed images on screens of up to 140 inches (depending on the projector).

WebOS Lite: LG CineBeam® smart projectors with webOS Lite give you a handy onscreen guide for fast, easy access to all your favorite streaming services and content. (Internet connection required.)

Simplified Connections: Because our Bluetooth projectors allow you to easily connect to sound bars, portable speakers and wireless earphones, they make it easy to watch – and listen – your way. Whether you want one of the best projectors for movies or sports, want to host a backyard movie night, or take gaming to a new level, you can do that with LG projectors. Explore our collection of HD and 4K projectors, as well as our newest audio and video devices – and create a home entertainment experience unlike any other.

Students and faculty who join the LG For Education Program will be required to provide a verifiable email address within the .edu domain. The unique promo code will be sent to your verified email address. To receive the additional 10% savings on LG Monitors, Laptops, TVs, Audio, and Projectors, your unique promo code must be entered during online checkout. Available only on 9/25/23 – 6/30/24. Savings will be reflected in the cart when all offer requirements are met. If any of the qualifying items are removed from the cart or part of the order is cancelled or returned, the promotional savings will be void. Prices and offers are non-redeemable for cash, non-transferable, and may not be combined with any other offer. Availability, prices and terms of offer are subject to change without notice. Quantities are limited.

Eligible Models: 14T90R-K.AAB6U1, 14T90R-K.AAB8U1, 14T90R-K.ADB9U1, 16T90R-K.ADS9U1, 14Z90RS- K.AAW7U1, 14Z90R-K.ADB9U1, 14Z90R-K.ARW5U1, 15Z90R-P.AAB7U1, 15Z90R-P.ADS9U1, 16Z90R- K.AAB7U1, 16Z90R-A.ADB9U1,17Z90R-A.AAB7U1, 17Z90R-A.ADB9U1, 17Z90R-K.AAB8U1, 16MR70.ASDU1, MSA2.BBRU1, UHG7.ABUU, 24GQ50F-B, 27GN65S-B, 27GR75Q-B, 27GN950-B, 2GQ950-B, 32GQ750-B, 48GQ900-B, 49WQ95C-W, 49GR85DC-B, 27GR93U-B, 32GR93U-B, 27GR83Q-B, 35WN75CN-B, 32UN650-W, 32SQ730S-W, 24MK430H-B, 27MK400H-B, 27LQ615S-PU, UGP90HB-B, 28MQ780-B, 28MQ750-C, HF65LA, HF85LA, HU70LAB, HU810PW, HU85LA, HU915QE, PF510Q, PU700R, OLED77Z2PUA, OLED97G2PUA, OLED97M3PUA, OLED83M3PUA, OLED77M3PUA, OLED83G3PUA, OLED77G3PUA, OLED65G3PUA, OLED55G3PUA, OLED83C3PUA, OLED77C3PUA, OLED65C3PUA, OLED55C3PUA, OLED48C3PUA, OLED42C3PUA, OLED77B3PUA, OLED65B3PUA, OLED55B3PUA, 86QNED85UQA, 75QNED85UQA, 65QNED85UQA, 55QNED85UQA, 86QNED80URA, 75QNED80URA, 65QNED80URA, 55QNED80URA, 50QNED80URA, 75QNED75URA, 65QNED75URA, 55QNED75URA, 50QNED75URA, 43QNED75URA, 75UR9000PUA, 65UR9000PUA, 55UR9000PUA, 50UR9000PUA, 43UR9000PUA, 86UQ7590PUD, 75UQ7590PUB, 70UQ7590PUB, 65UQ7570PUJ, 55UQ7570PUJ, 50UQ7570PUJ, 43UQ7590PUB, 55LX1QPUA, 48LX1QPUA, 42LX3QPUA, 27LX5QKNA, 27ART10AKPL, 55UQ7050ZUD, LHB675N, S95QR, SC9S, GX, S90QY, S80QR, S80QY, S75Q, SE6S, S65Q, S40Q, SP2, SK1, SH2, SPQ8-S, XL7S, XL5S, RNC9, RNC5, XO3QBK, XG9QBK, XG7QBK, XG5QBK, CK99, CK57, CJ45, CM4590, TONE-T90Q, TONE-TF8Q, TONE-FP9-Black, TONE-TF8Q, TONE-T90Q, TONE-FP5-Black

Images may be simulated and dramatized for illustrative purposes. Actual features, functionality, and other product specifications may differ and are subject to change without notice. Prices, promotions, and availability may vary by model, store, and online. Prices subject to change without notice. Quantities are limited. Check with your local retailers for their final price and availability.

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