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No strings attached, just pure cleaning power

Meet our newest, most powerful vacuum: the LG CordZero™ A949 All-in-One Vacuum with up to 200 minutes of runtime. Our Auto Empty tech helps keep collected dust and debris out of the air and off your hands. Plus, with the Dual Floor Max Nozzle and Power Mop Pro attachment, your carpets and hard floors will stay looking fresh.

Find the vacuum that suits your style

From compact condos to multi-level homes, there's an LG vacuum that's bound to sweep you off your feet, no matter the size and shape of your space.

LG All-in-One Vacuum standalone docking station beside plant in home


Experience storage made simple with a convenient, standalone docking station that not only disposes of dust and debris hands-free, but also charges your vacuum and offers easy access to accessories.

LG Stick Vacuum in free-standing dock in home


Opt for wall-mounted or free-standing docking for powerful suction, 5-step filtration and convenient charging, all within a familiar, easy-to-use stick vacuum that’s always ready for grab-and-go action.

From basic brilliance to premium picks

Still not sure which LG vacuum best fits your lifestyle and space? Compare them side by side below.

LG CordZero™ Cordless Stick Vacuums

LG CordZero™ All-in-One Cordless Stick Vacuums with Auto Empty

SKU and Color

Power Mop Pro

Power Mini Nozzle

Auto Empty


ThinQ App Connect

Dual Brush Nozzle

Suction Power


Quick Release Batteries

Bin Capacity


Universal Power Nozzle

160 AW

Up to 50 Minutes*


13.5 oz


Universal Power Nozzle

210 AW

Up to 120 Minutes*


33.8 oz**


Dual Floor Max Nozzle

210 AW

Up to 60 Minutes*


33.8 oz**


Universal Power Nozzle

210 AW

Up to 120 Minutes*


33.8 oz**


Dual Floor Max Nozzle

265 AW

Up to 200 Minutes*


33.8 oz**

All CordZero™ Cordless Stick Vacuums Come Equipped With: Handheld Conversion, Telescopic Wand, Combi & Crevice Tool, 5-Step Filtration, Washable Filters, and10-Year Motor Warranty.

* In normal mode without Power Nozzles using either one or two batteries, depending on model.
** When compressed.

More than just floors—designed for life's moments

Life happens. That's why LG vacuums come armed to tackle messes where they happen, so you can embrace the chaos.

Woman placing LG Cordless Vacuum in standalone docking station next to dog

Fur-free zones

Fluffy’s furballs don’t stand a chance. High-suction performance keeps your home pet-approved.

Child vacuuming carpet with LG Cordless Stick Vacuum while friends relax

From crumbs to confetti

Don’t let messy moments rain on the parade. Get to spills quickly and easily with our lightweight, grab-and-go design.

Man using LG Vacuum with telescopic handle to clean dust on curtains

Clean on another level

Effectively combat dust up high and dander down low to help keep sneezes and allergies at bay.

Man using LG CordZero vacuum to clean pet hair from car seats

Cleaner commutes

Enter handheld mode with our CordZero™ vacuum to clear out dirt from any nook, cranny or surface.*

Filtration that doesn’t mess around

Our cutting-edge 5-step system automatically separates dirt in the bin and then filters fine dust. Plus, with powerful suction from our Smart Inverter Motor, you'll easily capture debris particles so that every breath you take is cleaner and healthier.

Following vacuum models are AAFA certified: A937KGMS, A925KSM, A913BM

We'll do the dirty work

Our All-in-One LG vacuums automatically empty the dustbin when docked for one less step in your cleaning routine. Once dust is captured, the additional 3-step filtration system traps it where it belongs, instead of in the air and on your hands.

LG Vacuum with Dual Floor Max Nozzle and built-in LEDs cleaning leaves off floor

* Dual Floor Max nozzle only available on A931KWM and A949KTMS models.

Multi-surface mastery

With LG's state-of-the-art Dual Floor Max Nozzle,* there's no need to change attachments. Take on rugs, hard floors and everything in between with a soft roller and carpet agitator all in one. Plus, light even the darkest corners of your space with built-in LEDs.

Person changing battery on LG CordZero Vacuum

Take charge of your cleaning

Unlock uninterrupted performance with a replaceable quick-release battery, designed to take repeated charges and jump right back into cleaning.

Double the batteries, double the clean

With our innovative dual battery setup available on select vacuum models, you can charge one battery while the other powers your cleaning routine

LG Vacuum with Power Mop Pro attachment cleaning spill off hard floor

From suction to sparkle

Say goodbye to flimsy, ineffective stick mops taking up space in your closet. Meet the Power Mop Pro, the high-powered attachment for our newest CordZero™ A949 All-in-One Vacuum that gets even the toughest messes off of hard floors with a simple cleaning solution.

Washable mop pads on LG Power Mop Pro vacuum attachment

Washable Mop Pads

Just wash, swap and go for a fresh start every time. No messes left behind.

Person pressing Spray Button on LG All-in-One Vacuum

Spray Button

Add a touch of shine to every clean with a convenient detergent spray button.

Person filling LG All-in-One Vacuum with detergent

Refillable Detergent

Keep the freshness flowing and the grime going by refilling with floor-safe detergent.

Your vacuum’s one-stop shop

Streamline your cleaning with a sleek home base for all your tools and accessories.* Simply dock your All-in-One vacuum for hassle-free charging and convenient storage.

*Accessories and features vary by model.


Customize your clean

Whether it's pet hair or tight corners, there’s a tool for every job. Discover a wide range of available accessories, from brushes to wands.

Get connected with ThinQ

Link your vacuum to the ThinQ app to check cleaning history and battery life so you jump right into cleaning when your vacuum is fully charged. Plus, with Smart Diagnostics, you can rest assured that your LG vacuum is up to the job.

Phone screen displaying LG ThinQ app for Vacuum

Never in my life did I think I’d find myself enjoying vacuuming, but here we are! I truly enjoy grabbing this cordless vac to clean up the daily little messes that come along with parenting. It’s slightly heavier than I would prefer for longer vacuuming sessions, but that’s mostly my arthritis talking. Overall, I absolutely love this vacuum!

Vanessa_G | 2 Months Ago


Wow, wow, wow…this LG CordZero Vacuum is incredible. It looks so sleek and modern, it holds and hides most of the attachments, it empties itself, and is an absolute workhorse. This is a great piece of equipment…LG has really outdone itself! I will say that removing it from the box can be a little intimidating. There are a lot of wrapped pieces, and a ton of instructions.

Bbjniles | 2 Years Ago


I LOVE this product. It is lightweight and the head swivels really sleekly to get those corners and hard to reach areas. I really love that is cordless so no more fighting the cord being in the way and switching outlets to get the job done. Works well on hardwoods, tile, carpet and area rugs. I love how the attachments store in the stand so they won't get lost. Also the self emptying is so cool. My husband is looking forward to using it to vacuum out his truck since it can also be a hand vac. I cannot recommend this enough! It makes vacuuming fun and my kids actually WANT to vacuum. That alone makes it worth every penny!

LalaT | 2 Years Ago


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