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BIM Library

Download LG Revit Families

LG Electronics is pleased to provide a robust BIM library for building professionals to be able to quickly integrate Revit families for LG commercial displays into BIM projects. As the leading manufacturer of innovative commercial display products, LG Commercial Displays deliver premium viewing experiences to audiences all around the world. From Ultra UD OLED monitors for digital signage networks to hospitality TVs for in-room entertainment solutions, LG Commercial Displays offer a wide variety of display products to meet the demands of every project.

We’ve partnered with BIMsmith so you can research, compare, and download LG Revit families and product documentation quickly and easily. Browse the LG BIM Library of commercial displays below or on BIMsmith Market. If you have any questions, just reach out to our free BIM support line. Get started designing with LG commercial displays in Revit today.

Support Information
Revit/BIM Support
Available Monday-Friday
9AM - 5PM CST (224) 699-9545