Direct View LED Signage

LG’s indoor and outdoor Direct View LED Signage solutions are designed to create engaging viewing experiences. DVLED provides vivid colors & is perfect for airports, shopping malls, stadiums & billboards.
Dual 2K Ultra Stretch 147” MAGNIT
OUTDOOR Scoreboard 445” UltraLight

Direct View LED Displays
Made Easy

LG has simplified the selection process and offers fully kitted Direct View LED displays you can select by Environment (indoor or outdoor), Resolution, and Display Size.

Indoor Direct View LED Signage

LG has a full line-up of DVLED Displays for indoor use. You can select the right pixel pitch and brightness for your business, with the ability to curve your Direct View LED indoor displays. Make a statement with LG!

Outdoor Direct View LED Signage

Creating the right advertising is hard enough, so let LG take the worries out of selecting your outdoor DVLED display. With a wide range of models and case designs, LG’s outdoor applications include stadiums, large scale advertising and public displays.

Transparent Color LED Film

New LG Transparent Color LED Film gives virtually any glass or window surface a pop of color! This easy to use self adhesive film can be used on glass displays, glass walls & railings and virtually any other place there is glass in an indoor environment.

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