Direct View LED Signage

LG’s Direct View LED Signage solutions are designed to create engaging viewing experiences both indoors and outdoors. With vivid colors, sharp images, and a wide variety of features, LG DVLED is perfect for airports, shopping centers, stadiums, billboards, and more. Display your message in style with LG’s DVLED solutions.

What Is Direct View LED?

Direct View LED is not like regular LED - or any other display. From pixel technology to surface arrays, learn about what makes DVLED so incredible at the LG Learning Center.
Make Your Message Shine

Outdoor Direct View LED Signage

LG DVLED for outdoor spaces offer bright, outstanding visibility, exceptional image quality, and large scale options, all to help make your message shine. Captivate your audience with incredible color, brightness, and dynamic features such as high refresh rates and 90° corner technology. LG’s outdoor DVLED displays are perfect for stadiums, public displays, large scale advertising, and more.
Enhance Meetings, Lobbies, and More

Indoor Direct View LED Signage

Find the perfect DVLED display for your business with LG’s indoor DVLED signage solutions. Perfect for offices, hotels, shopping centers, and more, LG’s superior image quality, dazzling brightness, and incredible colors allow you to create engaging interactions with your customers or employees. Bezel-less, fine-pitch, and curved options allow you to make your message stand out in a truly dynamic way.
Dazzling & Dynamic

Transparent Color LED Film

New LG Transparent Color LED Film gives virtually any glass or window surface a pop of color. This easy to use, self-adhesive film can be used on displays, walls, railings, and virtually any other indoor glass surface, elevating your space while bringing dazzling messaging to your customers. With a wide range of color expression yet high transparency, LG Transparent Color LED Film can be curved, trimmed, and customized to perfectly fit your indoor glass area.

Direct View LED Displays Made Easy

At LG, we know that selecting the right Direct View LED display can sometimes be difficult. That’s why LG has carefully crafted one incredible pre-configured display solution, including options for both indoor and outdoor operation, fixed resolutions ranging from Full HD up to 8K Ultra HD, and 25 size configurations to best fit your business needs.

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