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  • 11 kW Wall Mountable EV Charger great for hotels, office buildings, apartments or schools.
  • Segmented LED Display that shows charging power, elapsed time, delivered energy, estimated cost and user guide
  • RFID Card Reader that Supports RFID, NFC tapping
  • IP55 / NEMA 3R grade / IK10 grade
  • Easily setup via Mobile App and offers Dynamc Load Management of Multiple Chargers.
11kW Level 2 EV Charger Wallbox with LED Display, WiFi & Bluetooth Module, RFID Card Reader, Built-in Speaker

Connecting to a Better Life with LG Electronics EV Charger

Featuring a stylish exterior, installation app, dynamic load management, and multilingual audio guide. LG Electronics EV Charger is UL Certified, RoHS Complied, and made in the USA.
Wallbox Type, Level 2 EV Charger – 11 kW


Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Module connecting to OCCP server / install app. Half Eclipse Style LED indicator delivering luxurious and dynamic feel as well as charging status. Audio Speaker supports English, Spanish, and French. Seamless Front Panel reflecting the latest design trends of home appliances. Segment LED Display showing charging power, elapsed time, delivered energy, estimated cost, and user guide. RFID Card Reader supports RFID, NFC tapping. Installation App setting network, language, speaker volume, max current, and load management. SAE J1772 Charging Connector. Cable Holder.

Why LG EV Charger

LG Available to Serve Value Added Charging Service
  • Seamless Front, Curved Side Panel

    The latest design trends of home appliances are reflected to increase the value of charging space.

  • Half Eclipse Style LED Indicator

    Charging status is delivered with a luxurious and dynamic feel.

Featuring overcurrent protection, ground fault circuit interruption, restriction on the use of hazard substances, overheating detection, and shock detection.

Durable and Reliable Durable and Reliable LG Charger is able to be used in a temperature range from -31°F to 131°F (-35°C to 50°C) & relative humidity up to 95%.

Environmental Operations Ratings Environmental Operations Ratings Limited protection against dust & water rated at IP55 / NEMA 3R grade and against physical impact rated at IK10 grade.

Various Protective Functions Various Protective Functions For the safety of user, charger, electric vehicle electric grid, LG charger provides various protective functions.*

RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant LG charger restricts the use of certain hazardous substances designated by RoHS Directive.

*over current, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, short circuit, surge, ground fault, residual current, internet connection lost

Quick Installation

  • Easy Setting via Mobile App

    LG’s iOS / Android based mobile application supports installer to set network, language, speaker volume, max current and loads management.

  • Integrated Holster and Cable Holder

    Extra holster and cable holder are not required.

Max Current Variation of Individual Charger

If the current output needs to be limited due to power grid constraints, the installer can select 16/24/32/40/48A as a maximum current.

Efficient Management

Dynamic Load Management of Multiple Chargers + Remote Software Update

Dynamic load management allows the operator to optimize charging performance based on power limitations of charging station via site-level communication among the chargers. Over-the-air (OTA) update is supported for remote software updates.

Convenient Use

  • Segment LED Display

    Changing power, elapsed time, delivered energy, estimated cost and even the user guide can be displayed on the screen.

  • User Authentication

    RFID, NFC, QR code and the LG Mobile app are available.

Multilingual Audio Guide
English Spanish and French audio guides are provided.
Our USA LG EV Charger site

Electrical Characteristics

    • Max Output Current
    • 16A, 24A, 32A, 40A, 48A
    • Max Output Power at 240 V
    • 3.8 kW, 5.8 kW, 7.7 kW, 9.6 kW, 11.5 kW
    • Input Voltage
    • AC 208 / 240 V, 60 Hz
    • Input Wiring Scheme / Type
    • L1, L2, GND / Hardwire, 2.6 ft (0.8 m) Pigtail


    • Connector Type
    • SAE J1772
    • Cable Length
    • 23 ft (7 m)


    • Network
    • Ethernet (10/100 Mb/s), RS485, 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n)
    • Protocol
    • OCPP1.6J (Upgradable to OCPP2.0.1 Later)
    • Software Update
    • USB and Over-the-air (OTA) Available

User Interface

    • Authentication
    • RFID, NFC, QR*, Mobile App*
    • Screen
    • 14 Segment LED
    • Status Indication
    • Color LED and Audio

General Characteristics

    • Dimension (WHD)
    • 8.9 × 20.2 × 6.5 inchs (226 × 512 × 165 mm)
    • Weight
    • 17.6 lbs (8 kg)
    • Operating Temperature
    • -31℉ to 122℉ (-35℃ to 50℃)
    • Storage Temperature
    • -40℉ to 158℉ (-40℃ to 70℃)
    • Altitude
    • Up to 6,560 ft (2,000 m)
    • Humidity
    • < 95% Relative Humidity, non-Condensing
    • Enclosure Rating
    • IP55, NEMA 3R, IK10

General Specification

    • Protective Function
    • Over Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Surge, Ground Fault, Residual Current
    • Certification and Standard
    • UL/cUL, FCC Class B, IEC61851, NTEP/CTEP, RoHS, Energy Star, ADA
    • Warranty
    • 3 year Standard Warranty, 1/2 year Extension Available
    • Extended Warranty (Sold Separately)
    • 1 Year Option; 2 Year Option
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  • LG ExtendedCare Plan

    LG's ExtendedCare Plan protects your investment by offering extended service coverage provided by LG for commercial displays in the hospitality, healthcare, and digital signage markets. By offering this program, you will enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with knowing your products are protected.
  • Quick Swap (Advanced Exchange)

    Minimizes down time of device and quickly gets the device up and running. LG will provide a return box and prepaid return shipping label for customer to return the unit. Service call for Advanced Exchange must be made by 2pm CST.
    Next Business Day Exchange, 2nd Business Day Delivery or 3rd Business Day Delivery dependent on the product model and service option available.
  • White-Glove Quick Swap (Advanced Exchange)

    An LG authorized technician will meet you onsite. Technicians will remove, re-install and return product. Service calls for Advanced Exchange delivery must be made by 2pm CST.
    Next Business Day Exchange, 2nd Business Day Delivery or 3rd Business Day Delivery dependent on the product model and service option available.

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