Direct View LED Signage Outdoor

LG’s Outdoor DVLED Signage gives you the color and brightness you need to make a statement. We have designs for a wide range of outdoor applications including stadiums,
outdoor advertisements and public displays.
  • LBS Stadium Large Format DVLED Signage

    Designed for robust performance and exceptional image quality, the LBS Stadium series DVLEDs come in a variety of formats to meet the needs of different stadiums and outdoor venue applications.

  • LBS Slim Large Format DVLED Signage

    The LBS Slim Series is a super-bright display that offers outstanding visibility even in direct sunlight. Its high refresh rate and slim design make it a great choice.

  • GSCD Ultra Light Outdoor DVLED Signage

    The GSCD Ultra Light Series makes it possible to install large scale displays on buildings and other venues. Vibrant colors, incredible brightness, and 90° corner option offer added value.

  • GSCA Versatile Outdoor DVLED Signage

    Fast installation, vivid colors, and two cabinet sizes offer a flexible signage solution to fit nearly any need. Plus, the 90° corner option means the GSCA can even be installed on building corners.

OUTDOOR Scoreboard 445” UltraLight
Dual 2K Ultra Stretch 147” MAGNIT

Direct View LED
For Every Environment

Fully kitted Direct View LED displays help simplify the selection process. Explore by indoor or outdoor signage, resolution, and display size to find the best fit for your needs.

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