1Full 10-year limited warranty terms are available here: https://www.lg.com/us/ess/warranty

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  • Key interface integrating with LG Home Series Energy Storage System (required)
  • AC coupled all-in-one system with a seamless startup process
  • 7" touch screen LCD HMI display for commissioning without WiFi or apps
  • Integrated touch-screen HMI and Installer Setup Wizard for streamlined setup
  • Web-based EnerVu monitor and installation tool for performance analysis | LG ThinQ Home Management System app for convenient energy usage control and monitoring
  • Connects up to four LG Home Series units
LG Home Series Smart Energy Box

Eco-friendly operation

A brighter future starts at home

  • Choose LG for your backup
    power solution

    The LG Electronics Home Series Energy Storage System runs quieter, cleaner, and requires less maintenance than alternative fuel-based energy storage systems—while still providing the peace of mind associated with backup power.

  • Operate sustainably for a greener future

    Power your home with renewable energy by storing energy generated from your solar panels. The Home Series can power your LG Electronics appliances or LG heat pump-based HVAC system with this stored energy.

  • Reduce strain on your
    community’s power grid

    Promote grid stability by feeding stored energy back into the grid during peak demand, in areas where net metering is accessible.


The power hub of your home

Store and provide renewable energy

The LG Electronics Home Series Energy Storage System (ESS) can be paired with solar panels or AC-coupled to store and provide usable energy. Need more power? Connect up to four units.

Get automatic switchover in an outage

With a built-in Power Management System in the Smart Energy Box, Home Series can monitor your power usage, grid status, PV generation, consumer electricity plan, and even the weather for optimal charging/discharging. Plus, Home Series can seamlessly switch on backup energy if your primary power source fails.
LG ThinQ®

Supercharge your smart home

Monitor and manage energy usage across your LG Electronics appliances and Home Series with the ThinQ® app, an LG innovation that allows you control your smart home from anywhere. Track a laundry cycle, view ESS performance, and more—all from your mobile device.

Get to know Home Series

Explore our full resource library of videos and documents to learn more about the Home Series Energy Storage System. Discover its true power, its ins and outs, and how the system offers pure independence while powering your home with clean energy.

The power hub of your home

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SE Box - General Specifications

    • Nominal Voltage (L-N/L-L)
    • 120/240 V Split Phase
    • Grid Frequency (Nominal)
    • 60 Hz
    • Max AC Current Rating
    • 200 A
    • Max Continuous AC Current Rating
    • 160 A
    • Input Short Circuit Current Rating
    • 10 kAIC⁷
    • Over Current Protection Device
    • 100 ~ 200 A, Service Entrance Rated ⁷, ⁸
    • AC Meter Accuracy
    • +/- 2%
    • Operating Mode
    • PV Self-Consumption, Time-of-Use (ToU), Backup Only, AI Mode
    • Backup Operation
    • Automatic Disconnect for Seamless Backup
    • Backup Transfer Time
    • < 100 ms
    • Modularity
    • Up to 4 Home 8 units
    • Overvoltage Category
    • Category IV

Home 8 Stacking - Single SE Box

    • Battery Capacity (kWh)
    • 1 Home 8 Unit: 14.4, 2 Home 8 Units: 28.8, 3 Home 8 Units: 43.2, 4 Home 8 Units: 57.6
    • Rated AC Power (kVA)
    • 1 Home 8 Unit: 9, 2 Home 8 Units: 18, 3 Home 8 Units: 27, 4 Home 8 Units: 36
    • Max AC Power (kVA) 10 Sec
    • 1 Home 8 Unit: 7.5, 2 Home 8 Units: 15, 3 Home 8 Units: 22.5, 4 Home 8 Units: 30

SE Box - Interface

    • User Interface
    • 7-inch Touch LCD, LG ThinQ® App (User), EnerVu Web (Installer)
    • Internet Connection
    • Ethernet 10/100, WLAN (802.11 b/g/n)
    • External Device
    • MODBUS

SE Box - Wire Gauges

    • Grid lug (L1,L2)
    • Cu/Al : 6 AWG ~ 300 KCMIL
    • CSR/BW Breaker (L1,L2)
    • Cu/Al : 6 AWG ~ 300 KCMIL
    • Backup/Non-backup load lugs (L1,L2)
    • Cu/Al : 6 AWG ~ 250 KCMIL
    • Neutral (Large)
    • Cu/Al : 6 AWG ~ 250 KCMIL
    • Neutral (Medium) and Ground
    • Cu/Al : 14 AWG ~ 2/0 AWG


    • Disclaimer
    • ¹ Adjustable, limited by the battery pack output capability such as charging/discharging power derating by the atmosphere temperature. ² Usable energy might be reduced for enhancing the battery lifetime and system stability. ³ Verified according to LG Electronics conditions. ⁴ AC to battery to AC with 4.32 kW charging and 2.88 kW discharging power at 25˚C ( 77 ˚F) under the beginning of life.
    • Disclaimer1
    • ⁵ Tested by NEMA 250 ⁶ 10-years Limited Warranty: Standard limited warranty period is five years parts/energy capacity for qualified products. Upon expiration of original manufacturer’s limited warranty, an extended limited warranty may apply (ten years parts/energy capacity) for qualified products registered with LG’s ThinQ® service and connected to internet. Full limited warranty terms are available at lgusa.com/ess ⁷ When protected by Class J fuses, LG, SE Box, is suitable for use in circuits capable of delivering not more than 22 kA symmetrical amperes. ⁸ LG SE Box is not suitable for use as service equipment in Canada. (9) AI (Artificial Intelligence) mode operates based on the tarrif setting in ToU.
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  • LG ExtendedCare Plan

    LG's ExtendedCare Plan protects your investment by offering extended service coverage provided by LG for commercial displays in the hospitality, healthcare, and digital signage markets. By offering this program, you will enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with knowing your products are protected.
  • Quick Swap (Advanced Exchange)

    Minimizes down time of device and quickly gets the device up and running. LG will provide a return box and prepaid return shipping label for customer to return the unit. Service call for Advanced Exchange must be made by 2pm CST.
    Next Business Day Exchange, 2nd Business Day Delivery or 3rd Business Day Delivery dependent on the product model and service option available.
  • White-Glove Quick Swap (Advanced Exchange)

    An LG authorized technician will meet you onsite. Technicians will remove, re-install and return product. Service calls for Advanced Exchange delivery must be made by 2pm CST.
    Next Business Day Exchange, 2nd Business Day Delivery or 3rd Business Day Delivery dependent on the product model and service option available.

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