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LG Commercial Laundry Events

Discover special events for industry professionals presented by LG.

  • 2019 Cleanshow

    LG presented the Smart Solution Laundry at the 2019 Cleanshow where it was hailed as the future of commercial washing machines.

  • The 1st LG Laundromat in Kenya

    In Sep. 2020, LG Kenya held an event to celebrate the 1st LG Laundromat Reference Store

  • LG VIP Dealer Trip

    In fall 2019, LG invited commercial laundry VIP dealers to visit the company headquarters and laundry reference sites in Korea.

  • Hopewell Event

    LG Philippine Corporation held an event to open a laundromat to support children's independence with Hopewell Integrated School.

  • 2019 Texcare Asia

    In 2019 Texcare Asia, strategic dealers were invited to display new products and hold conferences to expand business strategies.

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