LG Business Cloud

Unlock your display’s potential. Everything you need is offered by the LG Business Cloud Solutions.

One-stop solution

LG Business Cloud improves user convenience and operational efficiency. You can easily buy the solution that best suits your needs from an online marketplace, and after you purchase the solution and log in, you will have a workspace generated for immediate use of the solution without any additional processes. Also, the
license management is seamless and effortless.

Business scalability

LG Business Cloud is a cloud-based solution applicable for a variety of business verticals that creates new business values. You can manage content in real time and have access to data analytics and statistics, which will empower you to discover new business opportunities. This solution will help your business achieve and maintain a competitive edge.


By providing a comprehensive view of multiple displays, LG Business Cloud enables you to monitor and control the content and state of the displays from the central location in real time. It helps improve efficiency and reduce costs.

About Cloud Solution

With LG Business Cloud, you can focus more on the essence of your business.

  • LG ConnectedCare

    LG ConnectedCare is a cloud-based service for remotely managing the operation of signage displays in your workplaces. It provides fault diagnosis and remote-control services, provided by LG.

  • LG SuperSign Cloud

    Managing digital signage has never been easier with LG SuperSign Cloud. By featuring servers accessible anytime anywhere, it offers more convenient and efficient cloud services.

  • LG Pro:Centric Stay

    LG Pro:Centric Stay is an integrated platform for property managers, featuring TV and portal content management, property management, and device control utilities.

  • LG DOOH Ads

    LG DOOH Ads provides advertising location and inventory management, campaign creation and publication, and proof of play based on either content or devices.

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