LG SuperSign Cloud

LG SuperSign Cloud is a comprehensive and essential software solution for the integrated management of digital signage. This solution enables you to create and distribute display content easier and to manage multiple displays remotely.

LG SuperSign Cloud LG SuperSign Cloud

Cloud Service

Managing digital signage has never been easier with LG SuperSign Cloud. It offers a more convenient and efficient cloud service, featuring servers that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Remote Control

LG SuperSign Cloud eliminates unnecessary visits by letting you control and monitor the device status remotely. With a network connection, you can run the operation wherever and whenever, and widely distributed types of equipment can be managed from one place, making the process efficient and convenient.

Reduced Initial Cost

Hosting your own server and installing a solution can be expensive due to high costs for purchasing solution licenses and establishing an initial system. However, cloud server-based solutions have lower initial investment costs compared to on-premises solutions because they do not require physical servers or operation costs. They can be operated more economically through annual subscriptions.

Content Management

Businesses that use signage products need to independently source and manage various visual elements to display on their screens. With LG SuperSign Cloud’s content management feature, creating and updating materials for different business environments becomes effortless.

  • Content creation is a breeze, with options to upload your own content and edit with the editor. Users also have the option to access templates crafted by professional designers to further elevate content.

  • Once you have created new content, you can easily distribute it to your connected signage using LG SuperSign Cloud’s content publishing feature.

Professional Content Partners

LG SuperSign Cloud provides a comprehensive range of content services beyond CMS, by integrating with professional content partners. These partnerships allow clients to access a vast collection of templates and other creative assets that cater to their unique business requirements.
  • ArtPlayer

    LG SuperSign Cloud’s Art Service, ArtPlayer, grants users access to an eclectic array of refined art for their displays, elevating the atmosphere in diverse professional settings.

  • PosterMyWall

    SuperSign Cloud’s Design Service, PosterMyWall, makes it simple to design eye-catching promotional materials like posters, in just a few clicks.

  • DSmenu

    LG SuperSign Cloud’s Design Service, DSmenu, users can easily create custom menu boards. This provides an easy way for users to access top-tier professional content for their businesses.

  • Wantreez Music

    LG SuperSign Cloud’s Music Service, Wantreez Music, provides expertly curated playlists that harmonize with on-screen content, catered to diverse sectors.

Multi-Device Control

Optimized control is possible through the grouping of multiple devices linked to the LG SuperSign Cloud. Altering basic settings and firmware updates can be done easily and quickly.

Dashboard & Report

Effortlessly access valuable data on the intuitive dashboard and utilize the quick access function for convenience. Various reports on device status and content usage data are deliverable. Based on this information, you can find insights on better customer service and
efficient business management.


The LG SuperSign Cloud Dashboard effortlessly provides valuable data such as licensing information, recent activity, device status, and access to various other lists.


Various reports on device status and content usage data are deliverable. Customize your insights by report type, range of time, and format.