LG ConnectedCare

LG ConnectedCare is a powerful cloud-based solution that provides remote monitoring and control of LG signage devices. Provide constant care for your
business without having to be on site.

Structure of LG ConnectedCare

Through active monitoring, LG ConnectedCare reports abnormal operating conditions in signage displays, ensuring stable operations while minimizing device downtime. Device settings can be changed remotely and simultaneously, saving time and money on
costly on-site visits.

Cloud Service

LG ConnectedCare is a cloud computing Software as a Service (SaS) that operates over the internet rather than being physically installed on a computer or server.


Accessibility is one of the leading advantages of cloud-based solutions. System access and remote management are possible anywhere with internet access.

Lower Total Cost of Operations

Cloud solutions reduce the need for physical server setup and upfront investment costs like operational expenses. LG ConnectedCare, as a cloud solution, offers a lower TCO compared to on-premises alternatives as it allows for annual subscription-based usage.


Using the LG ConnectedCare Dashboard, users can quickly check issued devices, address potential issues promptly, and view device information for registered signage devices.

  • Active monitoring software provides detection and warning services for over 20 common errors. Warning emails are sent to the administrator after a predetermined threshold of operating errors occurs.

  • Quickly and conveniently group devices of the same setting to simultaneously display the same content.

Threshold & Email Notification

Threshold & Email Notification

Enable real-time detection and warnings for 24 different items across four independent categories. When anomalies are detected, it sends a warning email to designated personnel according to the operational parameters set by the user.
Scheduled Pixel Error Detector (LSAA, LSAB Series)

Scheduled Pixel Error Detector (LSAA, LSAB Series)

LG ConnectedCare’s Pixel Error Detection features keep LED screens operating as programmed.
Compare Settings Data

Compare Settings Data

By grouping the devices that will have the same settings applied and a specific reference device, you can different settings can be identified by color.

Device Control

For signage operators, changes to device settings are performed frequently. Visiting a location to change settings can be not only inconvenient but costly. These costs can increase exponentially with the number of locations and distance. What if you could remotely change the device settings and manage multiple devices at once? LG ConnectedCare is an ideal solution for efficient signage management.

  • Remote Control

    Eliminate visiting locations by controlling your devices remotely via internet connection.

  • Multi Device Control

    The multi device control allows the user to select and control multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Auto-Cloning Data

    Existing settings can be uploaded to the server and then applied to other devices. New devices added to a group will automatically be updated using auto cloning data.

* Since LG ConnectedCare is a cloud-based solution, it may be affected by network conditions.
** The availability of LG ConnectedCare may differ by models. please contact the local sales office for more details.
ConnectedCare ConnectedCare

Screen Management Simplified

Companies with the same type of signage in use at multiple locations stand to benefit by efficiently managing their vast amount of signage and ensuring consistency across sites.