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Want to learn more about energy storage or chat about becoming an LG PRO? Visit our team at an upcoming industry event. Click below to see where we’re headed next or visit our resource library to learn more about LG Electronics Energy Storage Systems.

Home 8 Energy Storage System

Engineered for Homeowners, Designed for You

The LG Electronics Home 8 Energy Storage System (ESS) offers the best of both worlds. It’s built to give homeowners complete control by coupling with AC-power or solar panels to store up to 14.4 kWh of energy that’s ready to go, day or night. But its all-in-one modular assembly is designed to make installation a breeze for LG PROs.

Featuring just two SKUs, the Home 8 is ready to assemble and test without the need for additional equipment, which means faster installs for you and a shorter path to pure independence for your customers.

Tech Behind the Solution

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Nominal Voltage (L-N/L-L): 120/240V Split Phase
Max AC Current Rating: 200A
Backup Transition: Seamless with under 100ms
User Interface: 7-inch Touch LCD, LG ThinQ App (User), EnerVu Web (Installer)
Internet Connection: Ethernet 10/100, WLAN (802.11 b/g/n)
Size and Weight: 19.7’’ x 23.6’’ x 7.0’’ (W x D x H) / 55 lbs


Energy Capacity: 14.4 useable kWh
On-Grid Power: 7.5 kWh continuous (discharging) / 5.4 kWh continuous (charging)
Size and Weight: 27.5’’ x 8.1’’ x 49.6’’ (W x D x H) / 350 lbs
Limited Warranty: Up to 10 years
Design: Sleek and modern
Interconnectable: Connect up to four Home 8 systems

Study Up on Home 8

Explore our video and resource libraries to learn more about the Home 8 Energy Storage System. Find out how it works, who it serves, and how you can bring its incredible energy storage power to homeowners near you.

Commercial Energy Storage System

Cleaner Energy is Everyone’s Business

As power generation demand expands, so do business pain points related to energy costs, backup reliability, and sustainability initiatives. The LG Electronics Commercial Energy Storage System (ESS) is designed to alleviate those pains by storing and providing power that’s more sustainable, cost-effective, and more reliable than traditional diesel generators. This innovative system provides integrated energy storage capabilities to complement an organization’s existing power infrastructure—whether AC, solar panels, or both.

Tech Behind the Solution

What’s even better than providing cleaner, more reliable energy? The opportunity to tailor that energy to the unique power demands of your business customers. And that’s exactly what you can do with this scalable, all-in-one Commercial Energy Storage System.
Scalable Design Each unit tailored to your customers’ power needs
Grid Voltage Range 422.4-528 (-12%, +10%)
DC Voltage Range 750-1,000 Vdc
Size and Weight 39.37’’ x 29.92’’ x 70.87’’ (W x D x H) / 1,102.3 lbs
User Interface 7-inch Touch LCD, Operating, Fault LEDs
Energy Storage Capacity Up to 1.2MWh per unit; connect up to 4 units for up to 100MWh

Power with Potential

Every organization has unique power needs. And at LG Electronics, we meet those needs by tailoring our Commercial ESS solution to provide the right amount of backup energy. We currently power hospitality, manufacturing, education, healthcare, data centers, and mixed-use office spaces with this innovative, reliable solution. Visit our resource libraries to learn more.

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Have questions about our Energy Storage Systems or need install assistance? Our advisors are here to help.

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