To send a text message

  1. Open the Messaging app (set it as your default messaging app, if necessary), then tap the New message icon (in the upper-right corner of the screen).

  2. Enter the recipient(s) in your Contacts) in the To field.

    • Tap the Contacts icon (to the right of the To field) to select one or more entries from your Contacts list.

    • Enter a name or number, then select a suggestion from your Contacts list (displayed below the To field).

    • Enter a number manually for phone numbers not in your Contacts list.

  3. Tap the text field to enter your message.

    A character counter is displayed to the right of the message field to let you know how many more characters you can type and also the number of pages in the message.

    1. To field

      Tap here to enter the recipient(s) manually.

    2. QSlide icon

      Tap here to open the Messaging app in a QSlide window.

    3. Message field

      Tap here to enter your message.

    4. Attachment icon

      Tap here to add an attachment to your message.

    5. Character counter

      Displays the number of characters entered and the amount remaining.

    6. Contacts icon

      Tap here to enter the recipient(s) by selecting from entries in your Contacts.

    If you tap the Back Key while composing a message, it’s automatically saved as a draft. The Draft icon on the right side of the message thread indicates a pending draft message to the recipient. Tap the message to resume composing it.

  4. Tap the green Send button (on the right side of the screen) to send the message.

    Your message is displayed and responses appear in the same window, creating a message thread with that contact.