To create and send a multimedia message

  1. Open the Messaging app (set it as your default messaging app, if necessary), then tap the New message icon (in the upper-right corner of the screen).

  2. Enter the recipient(s) in the To field.

    • p the Contacts icon (to the right of the To field) to select one or more entries from your Contacts list.

    • Enter a name, number, or email address, then select a suggestion from your Contacts list (displayed below the To field).

    • Enter a number or email address manually.

  3. Tap the text field to enter your message.

  4. Tap the Menu Key > Add subject to add a message subject.

    The subject text appears above the body text in bold letters.

  5. Tap the Attachment icon to open a dialog box where you can choose the type of media file to attach to the message.

    • Tap Image to select a picture from your Gallery.

    • Tap Take photo to take a photo and attach it.

    • Tap Video to select a video from your Gallery.

    • Tap Record video to record a video and attach it.

    • Tap Audio to select an audio file.

    • Tap Record voice to record an audio message and attach it.

    • Tap Location to select a map location to send.

    • Tap Contact to select either vCard or text to attach.

    • Tap Memo to select a memo and insert it.

    • Tap Slide to assemble photos, audio file(s), videos, and texts into individual slides (up to 10 slides) to attach to the message.

    • Tap Draw to draw a memo and attach it.


    To delete an attachment, simply tap the Delete icon on the attached file.

  6. Tap the green Send MMS button (on the right side of the screen), to send the message.