Gmail account settings

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Google folder > Gmail > Menu Key .

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Tap General settings to change the following settings for all accounts.

Archive & delete actions: Sets if you want to display only the archive option, only the delete option, or both options.

Swipe to archive: Checkmark to archive a conversation when you swipe it.

Sender image: Checkmark to display the sender’s image next to the name in the conversation list.

Reply all: Checkmark to make Reply all the default message action.

Auto-fit messages: Checkmark to shrink the messages to fit the screen and allow zooming.

Auto-advance: Sets which conversation list is viewed after archive or deletion.

Message actions: Sets when to show the action icons on the message header.

Confirm before deleting: Checkmark to ask to confirm before deleting a message.

Confirm before archiving: Checkmark ask to confirm before archiving a message.

Confirm before sending: Checkmark to ask to confirm before sending a message.