Changing specific Gmail account settings

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Google folder > Gmail > Menu Key > Settings.

  2. Tap a Gmail account to change the following settings for that specific account.

Inbox type: Sets the default Inbox.

Inbox categories: Sets where specific types of messages (e.g., messages from your social networks or promotional offers, etc.) are stored into Inbox categories.

Notifications: Checkmark to display notifications for new Gmail messages.

Inbox sound & vibrate: Sets synchronization settings and notification settings.

Signature: Sets the signature you want to include with every outgoing email.

Vacation responder: Sets the automatic email to respond with when you are out of the office (or otherwise unavailable).

Sync Gmail: Checkmark to automatically sync your account.

Days of mail to sync: Sets how many days of email you want to sync.

Manage labels: Allows you to set the sync and notification settings for your labels.

Download attachments: Checkmark to automatically download attachments to recent messages via Wi-Fi.

Images: Allows you to choose to always display images in messages or ask you before showing them.