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21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor


Introducing 34UC97, with an immersive field of view
and true-to life colours.

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The Best Gaming Monitor for FPS Games

The Best Gaming Monitor for FPS Games

• Higher speed to kill more counterparts.
• Better visibility to find enemies faster.
• Rapid setting for the perfect gaming experience.
• Now meet the Gaming Monitor to WIN.


For Creative Professionals
Digial Cinema 4K Monitor

Convey the creative's originality,
just the way it was captured.

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Computer Products

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Discover LG computer hardware and accessories:

Computer Monitors: These innovative LG computer products boast advanced technology to meet your ever-changing needs. From 3D monitors to those with LED backlit technology, our monitors boast sharp displays, true-to-life colours and intuitive interfaces that will bring your favourite movies, games – and even your charts and graphs – to stunning reality.

Optical Storage Devices: These computer products are designed to read and write all types of data, including documents, movies, and music. Available as internal drives or in portable external options, these LG computer components make it easy to back up the files you rely on most.

Network Attached Storage: Back-up your files and stay connected with network storage accessories from LG. With a variety of options that are portable, stable and function at amazingly high speeds, these innovative pieces of LG computer equipment are designed to offer added peace of mind.

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